How to guarantee you finish that next side project

How to guarantee you finish that next side project

Getting things done can be difficult. In a busy world we have so many things competing for our time. The time management gurus say, "If you don't have the time, make it", but we can be own own worst enemies.

Being productive means being responsible for your time. Sometimes we need a well intentioned kick up the backside to get us moving in the right direction.

Sometimes to finish that side project we need to be held accountable.

When I first dreamed of nusii I knew from past experience that if I was to have any real chance of success then I needed to be held accountable. I needed someone to answer to, and who better to hold me accountable on my side project than potential customers.

I often fail to hit personally imposed deadlines, so I decided to make it public. I designed my pre-launch page and sent out emails telling everyone that nusii would be launched on the 18th June, (coincidentally my dad's birthday).

This did two things, it gave me a goal to aim for but perhaps more importantly it also gave me a sense of responsibility. I don't like to let people down, and to be honest I would have felt rather embarrassed to have failed. As it happens I did miss my goal, but only by 24 hours. It could have been a lot worse, I could still be designing it! (ahem, portfolio's anyone?)

Being a creative means being many things, there are so many areas we have to control. First and foremost we are creatives. You might be an illustrator, a photographer, a visual designer or a UX guru and while we all have special skill sets, there are certain areas where we overlap. It's in those areas where I'm sure we would rather be elsewhere.

We want to design, sketch, take photos, render models, create! We don't always want to market ourselves, find new clients, create proposals, handle billing, manage clients and feed the dog, all while trying to actually be creative.

It can be tough, right?

Sometimes the only way we can push forward is by being held accountable. This can be publicly or by a client. I find that family members and personal accountability don't carry the same weight.

The accountability promise

Get something down in writing, tell your twitter followers, or your Facebook fans.

People will ask you how you got on, they will.

The time will come and they'll be tweeting, emailing or Skyping, all just to see if you've delivered what you promised.

The next time you have a major goal to accomplish, don't put it on your todo list and hope for the best. Shout it to the world, make bold statements and brace yourself for triumphant results!

If you have a goal or project that you want to be held accountable for, let me all know in the comments section below and I'll do my best help you to stay on track.

Good luck!