Interview: Nusii – Beautiful Proposals, Simplified.

Interview: Nusii – Beautiful Proposals, Simplified.

I was recently interviewed by the guys over at Startup Catchup. I spoke about the origins of Nusii, why we built it and and where we see it going. Check out the interview.

A great service that will help you to “Deliver simple, beautiful proposals without fighting software or digging through old files.” We spoke to one half of the duo over at Nusii, Nathan; also known as the company’s ‘Design Guy’. He told us where Nusii came from, where it’s going, and a lot about what has happened so far in between as well as some tips for those also looking to embark on their startup journey.

StartupCatchup: Please introduce us to your venture, Nathan.

Nathan: Nusii is proposal software for creative professionals. We don’t believe in losing billable hours to the soul-sucking process of creating proposals. We wanted to win back those hours, so we built Nusii. And we made it lightning fast.

Nusii will help you create proposals in minutes, and without the need for complicated tutorials. It’s agile, intuitive and has a great UI. Keep things simple.

StartupCatchup: How did you come up with the idea?

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