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Create beautifully formatted reports, roadmaps, teardowns or even just content upgrades for your clients!

Laura Williams

Laura Elizabeth

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I'd been looking for a solution to create reusable reports for ages. Nusii is perfect for this. “The more I use Nusii Reports the more I love them.

Why reports?

We know that a project doesn't end with a signed proposal, in fact they can sometimes run for years (if you're lucky!). So what happens when the time comes to check in with your client? How do you update them on progress, results or even make your case for an upsell?

Client Reports are a fantastic way to keep your client up to date. With Nusii's easy formatting process, you can create a client report in minutes.

Resuable reports for your creative business

Here are just a few of the ways in a reusable report can help your business retain clients and even grow.

Get notified!

Just like our proposals, Nusii Reports are continually tracked.

We'll let you know once your client has opened their email with the link to their report, and of course we'll let you know when they've viewed their report too.

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Same easy to use system.

Nusii Reports are an extension of Nusii Proposals. You'll enjoy the same easy-to-use editor, templating system and reusable sections. You won't need to learn any new systems to enjoy the benefits of Nusii reports.

Nobody wants to learn how to use a new tool just to use a new feature, and with Nusii Reports you won't need to. Same simple interface, stunning client Reports.

Create a report in 15 min

Your reports, faster than ever.

We’re all about saving you time, and re-using content is a great way to do this. Of course, we would never recommend a cookie-cutter approach to your Proposals or Client Reports, but there will always be certain content that can be reused. Rule of thumb; if you think you’ll use content more than once, create a Reusable Section.

Nusii let’s you save and insert your best content at the click of a button. What’s more, with Nusii’s VARIABLES you won’t ever have to worry about swapping out your old client’s details. Our variables automagically remove the need for the more traditional FIND AND REPLACE.

Create a report in 15 min
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