The 5 biggest mistakes you're making with your proposals...
 and how to fix them.

Join us live on Thursday 3rd March at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 9pm CET

The 5 biggest mistakes:

  • Rushing into a proposal for fear of losing the client
  • Not getting a budget up front, and hoping for the best!
  • Not measuring the success of a project
  • Inadvertently over complicating a proposal
  • Not tying value to the associated cost

About our guest host, Curtis McHale

Curtis McHale

Curtis McHale has been running his web development business for 10+ years. He helps consultants and small businesses not only have a great site, but run their business better so they can get on with living the life they want to live. He’s also author of ‘Write proposals that win work.’

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