Alternative to Better Proposals

Here are a few ways in which Nusii is a great alternative to Better Proposals.

Gina Nieves

“I love Nusii's templates and reusable sections. They're so easy to use. I hired a salesperson who wasn't technical, and I taught her to use Nusii in no time!”

Gina Nieves. MarkNet Group

We understand that finding the right proposal solution can be a headache. We've been there ourselves, really. After over a decade working in the creative industry we know that time, simplicity and above all, winning projects are what count most.

We hope this brief overview helps you to make an informed decision on which solution is right for you; Nusii or Better Proposals?

The true power of simplicity.

Nusii Dashboard

Better Proposals have taken a simple approach to proposals. Simple is good, but there's a problem. Simplicity has come at the cost of usability.

We believe that true simplicity lies in having access to your content at any time… You shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel every time. This is why our re-usable content library is such a winner with our customers. Any content that you intend to use more than once can be saved as a re-usable section. This allows you to insert any content into any proposal, at any point. Better Proposals, lacking a reusable content library altogether, limits you to mere templates.

Erik van der Zijden

“I needed certain things like great UX, easy options, analytics and multi-language capabilities. There were a whole bunch of things I needed to move forward and Nusii had them all.”

Erik van der Zijden,

Know who your most valuable clients are.

Nusii Client Overview

Better Proposals gives a very general overview of your sales, but we believe that data is power.

Do you know who your most profitable clients have been over the last 12 months? Nusii will show you exactly how much each client is worth to your business, allowing you to see where the greatest profits lie.

Nusii's Client Overview will show you at a glance:

  • Your sales revenue per client.
  • Your Acceptance rate for each client.
  • When your client opens your emails and at what time.
  • When your client opens your proposals and at what time.
  • When your client downloads a copy of your proposal as a PDF.
  • When your client requests further information.
  • When your client Accepts (or rejects) your proposal and signs on the the dotted line (straight from their browser).
  • Any additional notes about their business.

You won’t get that data from Better Proposals.

Win more projects this year with nusii.

Seeing is believing, which is why we offer a free 14 day trial. We’re confident that Nusii can help your creative business grow. Check our plans and see which fits you best. See you on the other side!