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Nusii is online proposal software that has all the features you need to win more clients and get paid quicker.

Nusii Template Nusii Notifications Signature Modal
Blank template
Sections included:
 The World Is Your Oyster!
Sales template
Sections included: Intro, Objectives, Goals, Pricing, Next Steps.
Nusii Features

Electronic signatures

Accepted and signed in 52% less time!

Your clients can read, accept and sign their proposal right in the browser. This is great for them and fantastic for you. Compared to traditional methods your proposals can be signed in up to 52% less time.

Legally binding e-signatures

Nusii’s electronic signatures are legally binding across the globe. When your client signs we record their name, IP address and date of signature.

Electrical Signature Modal
Electrical Signature Modal

The right language.
The right currency. The right taxes.

Available in 95 countries
  1. United States - English (en-US) United States - English (en-US)
  2. Australia - English (en-AU) Australia - English (en-AU)
  3. United Kingdom - English (en-GB) United Kingdom - English (en-GB)
  4. Netherlands - Dutch (nl-NL) Netherlands - Dutch (nl-NL)
  5. Canada - French (fr-CA) Canada - French (fr-CA)
  6. New Zealand - English (en-NZ) New Zealand - English (en-NZ)
  7. Germany - German (de-DE) Germany - German (de-DE)
  8. Austria - German (de-AT) Austria - German (de-AT)
  9. Sweden - Swedish (sv-SE) Sweden - Swedish (sv-SE)
  10. Israel - Israel -
  11. Ireland - English (en-IE) Ireland - English (en-IE)
  12. Mexico - Spanish (es-MX) Mexico - Spanish (es-MX)
  13. Argentina - Spanish (es-AR) Argentina - Spanish (es-AR)
  14. Italy - Italian (it-IT) Italy - Italian (it-IT)
  15. Czech Republic - Czech (cs) Czech Republic - Czech (cs)
  16. Greece - Greek (el-GR) Greece - Greek (el-GR)
  17. South Korea - Korean (ko) South Korea - Korean (ko)
  18. Finland - Finnish (fi-FI) Finland - Finnish (fi-FI)
  19. Vietnam - Vietnamese (vi-VN) Vietnam - Vietnamese (vi-VN)
  20. China - Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) (zh-CN and zh-HK) China - Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) (zh-CN and zh-HK)
  21. France - French (fr-FR) France - French (fr-FR)
  22. Spain - Spanish (es-ES) Spain - Spanish (es-ES)
  23. Slovakia - Slovakian (sk-SK) Slovakia - Slovakian (sk-SK)
  24. Denmark - Danish (da-Dk) Denmark - Danish (da-Dk)
  25. Norway - Norwegian (nb-NO) Norway - Norwegian (nb-NO)
  26. Hungary - Hungarian (hu-HU) Hungary - Hungarian (hu-HU)
  27. Croatia - Croatian (hr-HR) Croatia - Croatian (hr-HR)
  28. Poland - Polish (pl-PL) Poland - Polish (pl-PL)
  29. Lithuania - (lt-LT) Lithuania -  (lt-LT)
  30. Brasil - Portugese (pt-BR) Brasil - Portugese (pt-BR)

The right language

With native support for 35 languages, Nusii will work for you no matter where you’re based. If by chance your language isn’t available, drop us a line and we’ll add it for you right away!

The right currency

With customers in over 95 countries we know how important it is to charge your clients in the right currency. Client currencies are built right into Nusii. This means you can set a general account currency and even set them on a per-client basis. Do what works for you.

The right Taxes

Taxes, everyones’ favorite subject! Fortunately it’s not something you have to worry about with your proposals. Much like currencies, you can set your taxes at an account level and even on a per-client basis. Let’s make those nasty taxes a non-issue.

Mojca Mars

“I LOVE the customer service. The team have been really helpful and friendly. If I stumble on a problem they’re easy to reach and are ready to help. I absolutely love Nusii.”

Mojca Mars - Founder of Super Spicy Media
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Proposal templates

Professional templates designed to make you look good and win business.

Writing a proposal can be challenging and there’s nothing worse than staring at a blank page. This is why we’ve designed a series of professional proposal templates to help you get started. These templates have helped our customers generate millions in revenue. Why don’t you take advantage?

Use our templates straight out of the box or customize them to meet your needs. And with our Variables system you won’t have to worry about accidentally including information from previous templates. Just add your client to the new proposal and all of their information will be updated for you behind the scenes ;)

Check out our templates
Proposal Templates
Proposal Templates
Interactive Pricing
Interactive Pricing

Interactive pricing

Easily upsell your clients with optional pricing.

It’s all about options. If you offer your prospect one fixed price service, you’re essentially saying, “Take it or leave it”. However, offer them two or even three alternative pricing options and suddenly it becomes a question of “Which option best suits my needs?”

We’re big believers in optional pricing which is why it’s been an integral feature of Nusii from day one. Try it today, you won’t regret it.

Brennan Dunn

I offer at least two options to my clients. Why? Because “buy A or B” is always better than “hire Brennan... or don’t hire Brennan.”

Brennan Dunn - Founder of RightMessage

Add videos to your proposals

If a picture paints 1000 words, Then video...

If there was one marketing or sales tool to rule them all, arguably it would be video. Over the last few years it has grown from a nice-to-have to a must-have.

Many of our businesses are remote now, which means there’s no better way to introduce your team, present an idea, a case study or even previous client testimonials.

You can embed your videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo. Or if you prefer you can even upload them directly to Nusii.

In an age when every smartphone is a mobile recording studio, there’s no excuse to not wow your clients.

Videos in Proposals
Videos in Proposals
Ryan Budmayr

“Whether we're working with Fortune 500 companies or a business across the street, Nusii allows us to create proposals and close deals in minutes. There's no better proposal tool out there.”

Ryan Budmayr - Director of Business Development at Lemonly
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An editor that gets out of your way

We are confident that with Nusii’s editor you’ll spend less time writing proposals, giving you more time to grow other areas of your business.

  • Standard editing features

    Editor standard features
    All the standard editing features you’d expect from a robust system. Oh, and with Auto Save built right in!
  • Images

    Editor image feature
    The importance of images in a proposal can’t be overlooked, which is why we make it so easy to use them.
  • Videos

    Editor video feature
    Show, don't tell. Impress your potential client with a video in your proposal.
  • Variables

    Editor variable feature
    No more “oops” moments. Variables automatically update important proposal information with your client’s personal details.
  • Fullscreen mode

    Editor fullscreen feature
    Go distraction free with Nusii’s full screen mode. Just you and your keyboard.
  • Tables

    Editor tables feature
    Sometimes you just need a table, right? With our editor they’re available at the click of an icon.
Nusii's editor
Interactive Pricing

We’ve worked hard to ensure Nusii’s proposal editor is top of it’s class. You’ll find useful features such as auto save, variables, full screen mode, code view, drag and drop sections and much more.

Nusii sends instant notifications

Is there anything worse than not knowing if a client has opened your proposal, or worse still, even received it? With Nusii that’s a thing of the past!

Email Opens

Don’t play the waiting game after sending your proposals. Nusii will let you know the second your customer opens the email you’ve sent with the link to their proposal.

Proposal opens

The moment of truth, your prospect has opened their email... As soon as they click on the link to view your proposal you’ll receive another notification.

Customer feedback

Sometimes a prospect will have additional questions. If they don’t want to use live chat they can reach out via Nusii’s clarification feature. It’s built right into the proposal and of course it goes straight to your inbox.


They’ve accepted and signed!

Congratulations! Your prospect is now a client. As soon as your client signs on the dotted line we’ll let you know. Good news should always travel fast!

PDFs are still a thing

Occasionally a prospect will need to download a PDF of their proposal. This could be to show partners or simply to read offline. No worries, we’ll let you know whenever they do this. Knowledge is power.

Outreach reminders

Things get busy, but no matter how crazy things get we won’t let you forget to follow up with your customers. You can set up custom reminder intervals so you’re always front of mind.

Marat Stary

“One of my favorite Nusii features is the quality of the editor. The actual writing experience, copy presentation, and formatting are amazing!”

Marat Stary - Co-Founder of Crowdemand
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Integrations & API

Nusii is a powerful piece of software, but hook it up to your favorite apps and it becomes a powerhouse! Get the most out of your software. See all integrations.

Nusii API

If you prefer to have more control you can connect directly to our API.

Accept online payments from your clients

We know that getting paid can be a pain which is why Nusii lets you request a deposit or even full payment after your client accepts their proposal.

Nusii is a Stripe verified partner. This means you can accept payments right in the browser. 100% secure, 100% reliable.

Get paid when you need to with our Stripe payment integration.

Stripe verified partner
Nusii Payments
Nusii Payments


  • Use your own custom domain

    Branding custom domain
    What better branding than to have your proposals on your very own domain. You can make Nusii your own. No one needs to know your secret proposal weapon ;)
  • Your own custom branding

    Custom branding
    You can set your proposals to match your brand; From colors, to logo, to images and fonts. Your customers will only see your brand, not ours.
  • Use your own email address

    Branding custom email address
    Nusii lets you send all of your proposals from your business domain. Look like the professional you are with a completely customized proposal experience.
Branding proposal Send proposal modal
Branding proposal Send proposal modal
Maurice Cherry

“I love how I can reuse and reorder sections inside a single window. No more fooling around with typesetting, converting documents, and stressing about layout!”

Maurice Cherry - Founder of
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Content Library

The Nusii content library is where the real magic happens. In fact, by reusing your best content you can save hours on each proposal. Some of our customers have reduced their proposal creation time by over half.

So how does the content library work? Every time you write an awesome piece of content, click on the “Save As Reusable Content” button and you’re done.

When it’s time to put together your next proposal you can simply add the section you saved to your content library. Easy!


Have you ever sent out a proposal with another client’s info buried somewhere in the text? It can be very embarrassing and potentially cost you a project.

By using variables in your proposals you can guarantee that important data such as your client’s name, business, address etc. is always correct.

So how do they work? Just insert the appropriate variable into your content from the editor. The rest is magically updated to reflect your client’s details!

Nusii Content Library
Nusii Content Library

Chat live with your prospects

Ever heard the expression, “Right time, right place”? Being on-hand to answer a prospect’s questions can be invaluable. It can even be the nudge that makes the final sale.

Our chat widget integrations allow you to man your proposals around the clock (should you choose). Meaning you are always ready to answer any questions your prospect might have.

Live chat integration Nusii
Live chat integration Nusii
Laura Williams

“Not only does Nusii save me loads of time, but my clients are equally impressed with how professional I come across. I love it!

Laura Williams - Founder of
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