GDPR & Nusii

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the biggest shake-ups in data protection for decades.

What is gdpr and why should i care?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the biggest shake-ups in data protection for decades. It is not a new cookie law and it is not something that can be ignored. In fact, it will be with us in a very real way on May 25th 2018. If you are using services who are not compliant by this date, then you may want to think about using an alternative.

When you sign up for any online service, you are allowing that service access to certain data, some of which may be personal. GDPR essentially allows you to know what is happening with this data at all times. It will be every company’s obligation to let you know exactly how they collect data and how it is used. You can even request that you be ‘forgotten’ and that all your data be deleted.

Of course in some cases this will mean deleting your account altogether, as certain services simply cannot be run without this data.

In short, companies will no longer be able to use your data without explicit consent. No more selling customer data to third parties (not something we would ever do anyway). Nobody enjoys receiving unsolicited sales calls or emails from companies they have never heard of.


We already have certain systems in place and will continue to develop more over the coming weeks as we prepare for May 25th.

We are currently reviewing our data activities, and prioritizing any changes that need to be made to stay ahead of the curve.

But what is Nusii doing now to comply with GDPR?

This is the current state of play in our GDPR compliance…

  • We collect your ip address, email address, full name, business address.
  • We completely erase backups after 30 days.
  • When you cancel your account, we remove all your data within 30 days, and the data of your clients.
  • We don’t track anything related to your client, except the data you provide e.g. Email address, Business name etc.
  • When you request to be forgotten, we will delete all of your data within seven days.

We only pass data to external services that are necessary to run Nusii.

We are actively talking to customers and trying to address any concerns they have regarding these changes. If you would like to contact us about how your data is used, then please reach out to