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Looking for a great alternative to Word for proposal writing? How about Nusii?

Maurice Cherry

“Before Nusii I was copying and pasting text across my Microsoft Word documents. Now I can save any section as reusable content and put together a proposal in a fraction of the time.”

Maurice Cherry. 3eighteen media.

We understand that finding the right proposal solution can be a headache. We’ve been there ourselves, really. After over a decade working in the creative industry we know that time, simplicity and above all, winning projects are what count.

We’ve written this brief overview to help you understand the differences between dedicated proposal management software like Nusii and simply using Word. So let’s get started.

Say goodbye to copy and paste, forever!

Nusii Reusable Sections

I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that you’ve struggled to write a business proposal with Microsoft Word. Your company may be using it as you read this page… Sure it might feel like your favorite aunty, but when it comes to proposals, boy does she make you work for it!

How many times have you had to search for an old proposal template or piece of content that was last used six months ago? More times than you’d probably care to mention… for that missing Intro section can be like looking for a needle in a digital haystack. And when you do find it, the clunky copy paste comes into play.

Nusii’s true power comes from its content library, meaning you can turn any piece of content into a reusable section that can later be dropped into any of your proposals, at any time. All you have to do is click “Add Reusable Section” and choose the appropriate content!

Kevin Griffin

“In the past I used a less than ideal combination of Word templates, PDF’s and email. Since using Nusii I’ve found that 75% of my proposals are done within 5 minutes of creating a new one! Their templating system means I can quickly add all the sections I need, adjust, and then write the content that matters!

So far I’ve won 100% of the proposals I’ve prepared with Nusii. The process of creating a proposal is easier than ever.”

Kevin Griffin. Griffin Consulting Inc.

Nusii will track all your proposal interactions

Nusii Dashboard

A stunning proposal isn’t much use if it doesn’t get opened.

Word is standalone software. It does its job and that’s about it meaning you’ll have to create a PDF of your proposal that you’ll later send as an email attachment. If your client accepts, they’ll then need to use another tool to get their signature. Nusii takes care of all of this for you, and all in one place. Neat!

And there’s more. Nusii won’t just send your proposals, it will also let you know:

  • When a client opens your email and at what time.
  • When a client opens your proposal and at what time.
  • When a client downloads a copy of your proposal as a PDF.
  • When a client requests further information.
  • When a client accepts or rejects your proposal
  • When a client e-signs on the dotted line (straight from their browser).
  • Your overall acceptance rate.
  • Your overall sales revenue.
  • Your sales revenue per client.

All plans come with a 14-day free trial. Sign up today and see how Nusii can help your business.

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