Nusii integrates with thousands of other apps, so however you like to work, Nusii will fit right in and streamline your proposal workflow!

CRM Integrations

Stay in sync

Our integrations will copy client contacts from your CRM to Nusii and post notes to your CRM whenever your client views, accepts, or takes other actions on a proposal. Keep your whole team in the loop!

Payment integration

Get paid faster

Take payment the moment your client accepts the proposal right from within Nusii with our Stripe payment integration.

Workflow Automation

Integrate with 1000s of other apps

Connect Nusii to Xero, QuickBooks, Trello, Typeform and 1000s of other apps. Trigger actions in other apps when proposals are created, viewed, sent, changed, rejected or accepted. Automatically create clients or proposals in Nusii based on triggers in other connected apps.

Nusii API and webhooks

Ultimate flexibility

If the out-of-the-box integrations don't quite fit your workflow, then roll your own with our powerful API and webhooks. This even allows you to integrate Nusii into your internal systems.

Collaboration tools

Keep your team on the same page

Chat Integrations

Clarify in real time with live chat

Our chat integrations let you respond quickly to potential clients, right there in the proposal!

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