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There are several reasons why Nusii can be considered an excellent upgrade on Bidsketch.

Shane Barnes

“Nusii stands head and shoulders above Bidsketch and all the rest... a stellar product”

Shane Barnes: First Light Web Design

We know that finding the right software solution can be a tricky task. And finding the right proposal solution is no different. We know because we’ve been there. After more than 10 years in and around the creative industry we learned that it all boils down to saving time, product simplicity and above all, finding a proposal tool that lands new clients.

Although we are a little bit biased, our aim with this short overview is to help you in making an educated decision between Nusii and Bidsketch as a solution for your needs.

Fast, simple and Intuitive.

Nusii Proposal Sent

As far as we’re concerned, Bidsketch was where it all started… Ruben did an awesome job of paving the way for online proposal software. Unfortunately, as design and usability has taken on an increasingly important role in software, it’s sadly fallen behind the times leaving it look and feel somewhat dated.

We think Nusii, on the other hand, is the most intuitive proposal software out there. It was designed by developers with creative expertise. This means it is functionally excellent but has not sacrificed on design either. In other words, you’ll get your proposals done fast and still end up looking great. But don’t just take our word for it…

Shane Barnes

“Putting together proposals in a timely and efficient manner had always been a challenge for us. Over the years, we tried it all, from Word docs to applications such as BidSketch. For the longest time we despaired that we'd never find the ideal solution to meet our needs: that is, an application that offers both proposal templates and editable sections for use in future proposals; an application that includes email notifications and analytics; an application that generates PDF files and has a gorgeous user interface that's super easy to use and extremely intuitive.

Fortunately our despair came to an end when we discovered Nusii, which offers everything we've ever wanted in a proposal app and then some.

Nusii stands head and shoulders above Bidsketch and all the rest... Huge thanks to Nathan and the rest of the team at Nusii for creating such a stellar product!”

Shane Barnes: First Light Web Design

Client analytics as it should be

Nusii Client Overview

If you are a current user of Bidsketch you’ll know that they provide some basic information on clients such as whether they opened the proposal or not. This is super useful and that’s why we offer it too! The difference with Nusii is we take analytics a step further. Nusii proposal software will reveal exactly how much each client account is contributing to your agency, allowing you to see where the greatest opportunities are. All our analytics can be found in the Client Overview.

Nusii’s Client Overview will show you at a glance:

  • Your sales revenue per client.
  • Your Acceptance rate for each client.
  • When a client opens your emails and at what time.
  • When a client opens your proposals and at what time.
  • When a client downloads a copy of your proposal as a PDF.
  • When a client requests further information.
  • When a client Accepts (or rejects) your proposal and signs on the dotted line (straight from their browser).
  • Any additional notes about their business.

OK, but how much is it going to cost me?

We thought you’d ask that. Let’s take a quick look at Nusii versus Bidsketch from a pricing perspective. It’s hard to find on the site but Bidsketch does offer a super low starter plan at $15/month. While you’ll struggle to find a better price it comes without key features such as extra users, custom domains or e-signatures.

Let’s consider something more realistic. Supposing you are a creative agency with 5 members of staff who need to send and monitor proposals.What would that cost you on Bidsketch? The Team plan only covers 3 users so you’d need to upgrade to the Business plan which costs $149/month - ouch!

Nusii is a little different. For $49/month you get all of our features and 5 users thrown in as well! We also know that things change over time and sometimes you grow but not enough to jump up to the Business plan. That’s why we let you add an extra user for $19/month. And if your agency reaches up to 10 users we can celebrate together on the Business plan for $129/month. Yes, that's 2 users more and $20 less than Bidsketch!

Sheraz Harris

“We initially started using Bidsketch for our proposals. We encountered a major issue whereby you could only bill in hourly increments, when we bill in 15, 30 min and hourly increments. We did ask support if this could be addressed and were told that they would not change it and advised we leave.

Best decision ever was to move to Nusii. The application was much easier to use, allowed us to build a variety of templates that we could use for all parts of our business processes, not only Proposals. We also use it to create milestone signoff proposals for customers as it creates a fantastic audit trail.

Nusii’s support is fantastic, we have requested features that have been implemented within days, which constantly makes our experience even better. We would highly recommend the use of Nusii.”

Sheraz Harris: Marketing Manager of Websites Made Easy

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