Why Online Proposals, Why Us?

We went after proposals because we hated writing them as much as you do. Who are we? We’re Nusii.

Writing proposals is a huge time-sink.
We know, we’ve spent years writing them too.

Here at Nusii we adamantly believe in the power of the proposal. With more than 30 years of combined experience we’ve seen pretty much every way there is to create, deliver, track and manage proposals. And most have sucked.

If your weapon of choice is Word, Indesign, Pages or another online solution, then you know the nightmare of clunky systems. We’d also spent years struggling to find a consistent workflow that saved us time and won us more business. We knew proposals could be easier, even enjoyable…and as we saw it, there were two ways to achieve this.

Know your client: Spending quality time with clients is a sure-fire way to improve your chances of landing that next project. If you don’t understand their pain, you can’t provide a solution. And without a solution you might as well be playing the lottery. But learning about your clients takes time, and usually at your expense.

Having a reliable workflow: We built Nusii to help us win more business, more consistently. We want to help you do the same. Here are a few things you can expect from us…

Michael Koper
Michael Koper
Founder and Developer

Born in the Netherlands, Michael has been building products since 2008. He's helped scale one of Spain's most successful startups and is always looking to further his knowledge and experience.

When not working, you can find Michael playing his guitar, out skating on the hills of Madrid or planning his next trip to the coast. Surf's up!

Nathan Powell
Michael Koper

Nathan’s been an independent designer and consultant since 2007. He knows first-hand of the pain involved in creating proposals and the nightmare of shoddy systems.

Originally from South Wales in the U.K. he now lives in Spain with his partner, daughter, two cats, dog, aquarium and Triumph Trident.

What our customers say

David Hunter

David Hunter

Founder / Nooga Labs

Nusii helped me go from barely scraping by, working a part-time job, to landing enough clients to go full-time...

... If I know I'm competing against other freelancers and agencies, I use Nusii because it’s the difference between winning or losing a project.

Gina Nieves

Gina Nieves

CEO & Founder / MarkNet Group

What impresses me most about Nusii is the usability and ease of use. I'm able to send a proposal the same day I start it, instead of spending days trying to figure the tool out...

...Thanks to Nusii templates, 80% of my proposal is already written whenever I need to send a new one.

Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison

Director / Web Optic

Proposals can take only 15 minutes with Nusii, but they look like they've taken several hours...

...I'm pretty convinced we've landed a few retainers because Nusii allows us to put in optional upsell projects in our proposals.

A promise or two from nusii to you

We might not be the biggest, but we can certainly promise you a few things…

Customer Support

We take care of our customers, personally. Everything is dealt with in-house, no outsourcing… and we’re pretty quick on the draw. We’re a small team and if we want to succeed, we need to make sure you succeed. We’ll do our best to make that happen.

Continual Evolution

We want Nusii to be the most intuitive proposal software there is. That means we’re continually designing, building and testing. We don’t do this locked away in our secret hideout, instead we work directly with our customers. They shape the future of Nusii, not us.

Success Through Community

Our mission is to help creative folks write better proposals and win more business. To help with this we started "The Nusii Room". The Nusii Room is a private community for creatives just like you. Get help when you need it.

The Promise of Simple

Nusii is a kick-back against all the complicated solutions out there. And as Nusii grows we intend to maintain this simplicity. It’s what motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries. If we wanted complicated, we’d be paying for someone else’s solution.

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