Why Online Proposals, Why Us?

We are self-funded, sustainable, calm and ethical.

Here at Nusii, we know the power of the proposal. With over 30 years of combined experience, we’ve tried every way there is to create, track, deliver and manage proposals…

And most of them suck.

Using Word, InDesign, Pages or any of the other clunky “solutions” is a nightmare. After years of spending far too much time working on proposals, rather than spending time with our clients, we had to find a better way.

Which lead us to develop Nusii – We needed a solution that was fast, easy, and manageable. And we know that you do, too.

So why use us?

Nusii is self-funded, sustainable – And profitable.

We are 100% bootstrapped and self-funded. Which allows us the power to focus on you. We don’t have investors demanding changes to our product. Or shutting us down for not reaching insane growth demands.

We are 100% bootstrapped and self-funded. We don't have to grow at all costs as we don’t have any investors to answer to. This allows us to not do sleazy growth hack marketing techniques.

We are already profitable and sustainable. Which means we are here for the long-term.

We are a small company

Being a small company, means two things:

  1. We have to deliver the best.
  2. We are there for you.

I am very serious about this, Nusii's customer service is handled by myself (Michael, the founder).

We want to be the best and most intuitive proposal software there is. That means that we are constantly testing, developing, and designing – but we don’t do this locked away in secrecy.

We do this by working directly with you. You shape our future, not us.

Giving back to the planet

We think that there is something bigger than us and that is the planet. We donate 1% of all our revenue to next-generation carbon removal technologies in partnership with Stripe.

Your privacy is our passion

Have you noticed that you didn't have to accept one of those annoying cookie notices when you visited this site?

Yeah that's right. You don't need to because we don't use any tracking cookies.

Your privacy is invaded every single day. Tracking cookies from Google, Facebook and other huge data miners follow your every move.

Not here. At Nusii, we don’t use any tracking cookies like Google Analytics, Facebook's Pixel, or anything else. We are also fully GDPR compliant.

And your private information will never be shared.

We are a calm company

Providing you with the best experience possible is extremely important to us.

For you to get the best, we need to be at our best. This is why we don’t overwork ourselves or our team. No 12-to-15-hour days, no hard deadlines, no stressed-out team on the edge of burnout.

We never work more than 8 hours a day. Our team is always fresh, relaxed, and ready to care for your needs.

Signature Michael Koper
Michael Koper
Michael Koper
Founder and Developer

Born in the Netherlands, Michael has been building products since 2008. He's helped scale one of Spain's most successful startups and is always looking to further his knowledge and experience.

When not working, you can find Michael playing his guitar, out skating on the hills of Madrid or planning his next trip to the coast. Surf's up!

Nathan Powell
Nathan Powell

Nathan’s been an independent designer and consultant since 2007. He knows first-hand of the pain involved in creating proposals and the nightmare of shoddy systems.

Originally from South Wales in the U.K. he now lives in Spain with his partner, daughter, two cats, dog, aquarium and Triumph Trident.

Mojca Mars

“I LOVE the customer service. The team have been really helpful and friendly. If I stumble on a problem they’re easy to reach and are ready to help. I absolutely love Nusii.”

Mojca Mars - Founder of Super Spicy Media

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