Discover the Best Proposal Software for 2023: Why Nusii Leads the Pack

Best Proposal Software

The ability to consistently and quickly send clear, concise, and compelling proposals quickly is a game-changer for any sales team. Enter proposal software – a no-brainer tool that streamlines your proposal process and elevates your sales game. But with many options now available, how should your businesses choose which app is the right one for you?

This is where Nusii steps in, offering a complete set of features at surprisingly competitive prices. It’s perfect for freelancers but even better for agencies and teams where multiple employees are regularly sending proposals. It also stands out as the only privacy-focused proposal software on the market having been run for many years by a small team with business ethics at the heart of everything they do.

Let's explore why Nusii is the best choice for delivering winning proposals at scale.

The Rise of Proposal Software in digital sales

Efficient proposal management is crucial for businesses looking to scale their outreach and work their sales pipelines. Over the years proposal software has become the kind of service you really can’t do without. It’s there behind all the best sales teams saving time, automating processes, and ensuring error-free, on-brand proposals every time. Proposal software enables companies to send personalized proposals at scale which means that even if you send a bunch of them at a time, they each resonate with the target client who receives it. And yes, you got it, that means more sales and a fatter bottom line!

Key Features to Look for in Proposal Software

Great proposal management software should offer ease of use, proposal automation, customization, integration with other tools, detailed analytics, and reliable support. In short, it should be a comprehensive solution that caters to all the proposal-related needs of a modern business. And that’s exactly what Nusii does! Nusii excels in each of these areas, delivering an all-in-one proposal solution at a modest price point. So let’s take a closer look.

Why Nusii Is the Best Proposal Software on the Market

Nusii isn’t just another tool in the proposal software market; it’s built with love by a bootstrapped team of founders who truly sought to fix a common business problem. They wanted to put an end to a clunk, fidgety world full of copy-paste text and heavy attachments. What they came up with was a solution with a laser focus on proposals, designed with the user's proposal needs in mind without any attempt to cross-sell, upsell or incorporate additional services. At Nusii, proposal software means proposal software!

Having said that, it does cover all possible use cases from freelancers to large enterprises. With competitive pricing that doesn’t compromise on functionality, Nusii is great for businesses that demand best-in-class tools without the exorbitant costs.

Additionally, Nusii's commitment to privacy gives it a unique positioning and ensures that sensitive client data is protected and that user’s data is not tracked or sold. For many users this is important to know before registering their private business information and uploading client contact details.

Nusii's Feature Breakdown

With an intuitive interface, Nusii aims to simplify proposal creation while keeping a full suite of features. Customizable templates allow businesses to maintain brand consistency by defining how a proposal should look like. Businesses are not only able to brand proposals but send them from their own domain so nobody will know you are using Nusii behind the scenes.

On the data side of things it provides insights into proposal performance such as open rates and win rates. It gives you a content library for reusable sections and has a feature called variables which auto populates fields such as company names, addresses and so forth.

Nusii also thinks about the needs of the target client and allows you to live chat with them right there on the proposal which is awesome for both sides. To help you close out deals Nusii allows you to accept legally binding electronic signatures.Clients love this and so will you when you see your win rate soar!

Integration capabilities ensure Nusii fits seamlessly into your existing business processes. Popular integrations include Slack, Pipedrive, Zapier, Intercom and Stripe to collect payments directly from clients.

Nusii’s Pricing Advantage

While quality is paramount, cost is always a consideration. Nusii's pricing model is designed to be accessible while offering a suite of features that often come with a higher price tag in other software. It’s able to do this by avoiding software bloating and maintaining a clear focus on proposals. Let’s take a peek at what this looks like in practice:

For a typical agency, their plan would only cost them $49/month with 5 users already included in the price. If the agency grows they can simply add an extra user for $19/month. All users get the full set of features.

A Privacy-First Proposal Software

In an era where data intrusion has become commonplace, Nusii's privacy-focused ethos is a breath of fresh air. Recognizing the sensitive nature of proposal data, Nusii employs stringent security measures to keep client information secure, ensuring that your business communications remain confidential.

Not only that, as a self-funded startup the team at Nusii have no investor to report nor has it been acquired by any other group. They are also a remote team with limited overheads. That means they can stay true to their principles and keep building a privacy conscious, sustainable business model.

Customer Success Stories with Nusii

Real-world success stories and testimonials serve as proof of Nusii's effectiveness. Clients tend to praise Nusii for its intuitive interface, speed in proposal creation and friendly customer service:

Marat Stary

“One of my favorite Nusii features is the quality of the editor. The actual writing experience, copy presentation, and formatting are amazing!”

Marat Stary - Co-Founder of Crowdemand
Ryan Budmayr

“Whether we're working with Fortune 500 companies or a business across the street, Nusii allows us to create proposals and close deals in minutes. There's no better proposal tool out there.”

Ryan Budmayr - Director of Business Development at Lemonly
Mojca Mars

“I LOVE the customer service. The team have been really helpful and friendly. If I stumble on a problem they’re easy to reach and are ready to help. I absolutely love Nusii.”

Mojca Mars - Founder of Super Spicy Media

How to Get Started with Nusii

Alright, so you’re sold on Nusii. How do you get started?

The good news is that adopting Nusii is straightforward. You can start a free trial right from their homepage and start creating proposals in no time. You’ll need a credit card to open your account and from there you can play around with the app.

On the left hand side of the menu you’ll find a support button. This is where you can find help if you need it. Nusii has a help centre where you can find support articles. It also has a chat if you need to speak to a human.

Comparing Nusii to Other Proposal Software

We get it, you might want to double check that Nusii is for you. There are quite a few other solutions out there and you might want to check if you can find a cheaper or better solution. Here are some comparison guides for the most common alternatives:

Not ready for a paid solution yet?

If you are just starting out or managing fine with email and Google Slides, that’s fine. Nusii still offers some freebies which might interest you. For a start it has 13 ready to go proposal templates which are free for you to use and get inspired by. From cleaning services to SEO and more, you’ll find a complete list of proposal templates on the site. No email is required, you can just browse the templates and even steal some ideas!

Nusii also offers a free course on how to win more proposals. All you need to do is enter your email and you’ll receive a 5 part course to help you close out more clients.

Or, if you are really strapped for time, enter your email to get the ultimate proposal cheat sheet.


Although the market contains a lot of players there isn’t one quite like Nusii. Some are big corporates with little care for privacy. Others, try to solve multiple problems at once and lose focus on the main need; proposals! The nearest competitors to Nusii tend to be significantly more expensive. Summing up, Nusii emerges as the best proposal software solution for businesses that value quality, efficiency, and privacy.

With its competitive pricing and robust feature set, Nusii is a smart choice for anyone looking to improve its proposal game. Happy proposal writing!

All plans come with a 14-day free trial. Sign up today and see how Nusii can help your business.

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