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Proposals won’t hold you back any longer. Make winning proposals effortlessly and be on top of your deals by tracking proposals until they’re signed.

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6000+ businesses trust in Nusii to win more proposals

SaaS companies have unique proposal challenges and Nusii solves them all

Without Nusii With Nusii
Scalability ❌ Making documents with Word takes forever. With a growing customer base, it’s unmanageable. ✅ Re-use your templates and sections in a couple of clicks to create proposals in just a few minutes.
Pricing ❌ Managing complex pricing tables manually is a hassle. ✅ Super easy to set up flexible and interactive pricing that fits your structure.
Brand consistency ❌ Poorly designed proposals that don’t impress clients. ✅ Stunning on-brand proposals delivered quickly make clients trust you.
Integrations ❌ Updating information manually between systems will lead to inconsistencies and data silos. ✅ Data is synced with CRMs and your favorite tools.
Tracking & analytics ❌ You don’t know anything about what your leads do with proposals. ✅ You know exactly when the proposal is opened, read, signed, etc.
Security & compliance ❌ Sending documents back and forth with emails is a sure way to make errors and leaking data. ✅ Legally binding e-signatures, GDPR, and security is handled in all in one tool.

How Coveto uses Nusii to scale their SaaS sales

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  • Data analysis boosted conversion from 33% to over 50%
  • Integrated with their custom-built CRM in 2 hours
  • Anyone of the team can create a poposal easily
“With Nusii, we have a lot more data and we can analyze it and see which proposals converted and which didn't convert. And because it's so easy to change the template, we can quickly create new versions, iterate on proposals, and try to find a better version.

— Christian Asche, CEO of Coveto

Winning proposals. No training required.

Don’t waste hours of your time anymore. Nusii is packed with features to create compelling proposals without even lifting a finger.
Templates preview Templates

Use one of our templates instead of starting from nothing. They are crafted by experts.

Content library preview Content library

Re-use content between proposals. A single click to add contract terms, SLAs, and other lengthy parts.

Interactive pricing preview Interactive pricing

Add multiple pricing options to proposals to make sure clients find what they’re looking for.

Maria-Lena Matysik

“I love Nusii! It's intuitive to use and super lightweight, while offering all necessary features for an efficient proposal process. Our clients are always impressed how clear and well structured our proposals are ;) Plus: Whenever I had a question, the support team was super helpful :) ”

Maria-Lena Matysik, CEO, Analyticsfreaks GmbH

Advanced tools to increase proposal win rate

No more guessing about what’s next. Track everything that’s going on with your proposals to close clients faster at a higher rate.


Get a notification when someone opens, accepts, or signs a proposal.

Automatic reminders

Nusii can send reminders automatically when clients don’t open proposals.


Analyze proposals to find how to fix your blind spots and get more clients.

Interactive pricing preview
Tim Raemakers

“It's perfect that we can see if and when the receiver reads our proposal, select pricing options, and accept or decline the proposal. The weekly update of our sales activities and accepted/declined proposals, gives us a good overview of our goals. ”

Tim Raemakers, Business Solutions Specialist, Profound

Polished sales process prospects will love

The inconsistency of the buying experience can be a deal breaker. With Nusii, you deliver a coherent and frictionless experience to your prospects primed for success.
Live chat

Prospects can chat with you right inside your proposals.


Nusii’s electronic signatures are legally binding across the globe. We record the name, IP address, and date of signature.


Integrate your proposals with Stripe to accept payments effortlessly.

On-brand proposals

Add your own brand to proposals as well as your own domain name and email address.


You can show a lot more about your expertise with videos. Now embedded in your proposals.

Global sales support

Nusii supports 35 languages and even lets you set up currencies and taxes on a per-client basis.

Sync data between proposals and your favorite tools

Share information between Nusii and your other tools in a couple of clicks. Use the API to integrate Nusii with anything else in a matter of hours. See all integrations.

Ready to create & track stunning proposals without hassle?

No training required
Free 14-day trial
60-day money-back guarantee
Brian Sooy

With Nusii, our close rate has been higher than ever! Hands down, the best system for creating proposals and closing deals that I've ever found in 26 years of business.

Brian Sooy, President, Aespire Branding & Marketing

What is SaaS proposal software?

SaaS proposal software is a cloud-based tool that helps businesses create, manage, and track professional proposals. It streamlines the proposal process, making it easier and faster to create winning proposals.

How can SaaS proposal software help my business?

SaaS proposal software can help your business by saving time, improving collaboration, and increasing the effectiveness of your proposals. It allows you to create professional, customized proposals quickly and track their performance, ultimately helping you close more deals.

What are the key features of SaaS proposal software?

Key features of SaaS proposal software include customizable templates, content libraries, analytics and tracking, electronic signatures, and integrations with other business tools like CRMs.

What are the benefits of using SaaS proposal software compared to traditional methods?

SaaS proposal software offers several benefits over traditional methods, such as increased efficiency, improved collaboration, better tracking and analytics, and the ability to create professional, branded proposals quickly. It also reduces the risk of errors and ensures that all team members are working with the most up-to-date information.

How do I choose the best SaaS proposal software for my company?

When choosing SaaS proposal software, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, integration capabilities, analytics and tracking features, and customer support. Look for software that aligns with your business needs and budget.

What integrations should I look for in SaaS proposal software?

Look for SaaS proposal software that integrates with the tools you already use, such as your CRM (e.g. HubSpot), workflow automation (e.g. Zapier), or payment system (e.g. Stripe). These integrations can help streamline your workflow and ensure data consistency across platforms. Nusii also provides an API that enables custom integrations with other software.

How secure is the data stored in SaaS proposal software?

Reputable SaaS proposal software providers implement strong security measures to protect your business and client data. Look for platforms that are GDPR compliant and have clear privacy policies. Nusii takes data security seriously and outlines its practices in its Privacy Policy.

Can SaaS proposal software help me close more deals?

Yes, SaaS proposal software can help you close more deals by enabling you to create professional, personalized proposals quickly, track their performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales process. Features like electronic signatures can also help speed up the signing process. Check out Nusii’s free proposal cheatsheet to power up your proposals right away.