Nusii vs Qwilr

Nusii is the Qwilr alternative if you want an affordable proposal solution without learning curve.

Comparison pages are biased. We all know it. So let’s make it clear here: Qwilr is better when it comes to design. But because of that, it inevitably has issues Nusii doesn’t have.

Nusii is $490/year for 5 users. Qwilr is $3540/year.

Qwilr has a hefty price tag. It gets really expensive really quickly. In comparison, Nusii is much more cost effective.

No training required to be productive with Nusii.

Yes, Qwilr has an amazing editor to create the proposals you can’t even imagine were possible. But it comes at the cost of performance and a steep learning curve. Nusii keeps it simple.

Sean Atkinson

“Simple to get set up and use. I've tried other proposal tools and clients found them complicated and hard to understand. Nusii is straightforward and gives me everything that I need to get clients to proposals created and signed. Happy and thankful customer. ”

Sean Atkinson, Owner, Majority Media LLC

Quick overview of Qwilr and Nusii

Both Qwilr and Nusii have all the features you can expect from proposal software.

And while Qwilr has a very powerful editor, it doesn’t fundamentally change the value of the proposals you can create compared to Nusii.

You can make beautiful and interactive proposals that can be tracked with both Nusii and Qwilr.

Nusii Qwilr
Rich editor ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Videos ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Re-usable content ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Interactive pricing ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Templates ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Proposal tracking ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Notifications ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Electronic signature ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Payments ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
API access Agency plan and above Paid add-on only
Capterra rating 4.8 4.6

Nusii is much easier to use. No training required.

When software becomes too complex, you can’t just ask anyone to use it and expect them to be productive right away.

Qwilr has a much more powerful editor than Nusii if you need very advanced designs for your proposals.

But it comes at a cost.

We looked at recent reviews of Qwilr and found the same recurring complaint: it was hard to use. Even in 5-star reviews.

“Sometimes it's not super responsive…”

5-star verified G2 review

“Rearranging blocks of content isn't always the most intuitive user experience.”

5-star verified G2 review

“I find Qwilr to be confusing and not easy to use.”

2.5-star verified G2 review

“The load times are a bit of a pain.”

4-star verified G2 review

“It took quite a bit of practice to understand all of the options and layouts. It's not always the most user-friendly platform.”

5-star verified G2 review

“Sometimes the user interface is hard to use an my mouse has to be accurate to use a feature in the editor.”

4.5-star verified G2 review

Nusii’s editor isn’t as powerful, but you can still make stunning proposals, faster, and no training required.

Maria-Lena Matysik

“I love Nusii! It's intuitive to use and super lightweight, while offering all necessary features for an efficient proposal process. Our clients are always impressed how clear and well structured our proposals are ;) ”

Maria-Lena Matysik, CEO, Analyticsfreaks GmbH

Nusii has the best value for the price

Qwilr is vastly more expensive than Nusii. But if it’s because of their fancy editor that isn’t as great — as we just saw — is it really worth it?

Here’s the breakdown of the pricing between Nusii and Qwilr.

Cost comparison for 1 user
Nusii Freelancer Plan

$29/mo or $290/year

Qwilr Business Plan

$39/mo or $420/year

For a single user, the difference isn’t that big but there’s still a sizable difference in favor of Nusii.

A major difference though: you can’t contact Qwilr’s support via chat on their smallest plan. Nusii chat support is available to everybody.

But when you grow, the difference becomes much larger.

Cost comparison for 5 users
Nusii Agency Plan

$49/mo or $490/year

Qwilr Enterprise Plan

$3540/year. No monthly plan.

These higher plans also come with more features like custom domains and additional integrations.

When you go to 5 users, you need the Enterprise plan with Qwilr ($59 per user), and it’s only available with annual plans, no monthly plans. Plus, the API access is a paid add-on.

Nusii is 7 times less expensive for the same number of users, comes with an API access, and can be paid monthly.

Cost comparison for 10 users
Nusii Business Plan

$129/mo or $1290/year

Qwilr Enterprise Plan


Each new user on Qwilr is $59/mo!

Nusii only gets up to a bit more than $60 for 5 additional users. It’s almost the same as 1 user with Qwilr!

Skot Waldron

“I was looking for a simple proposal platform that wasn't going to break the bank, that looked professional, and was easy to use. I didn't need all the bells and whistles other platforms were trying to sell me on. I found that with Nusii. Simple. Clean. Professional. ”

Skot Waldron, Managing Partner, Multiple

When to choose Qwilr and when to choose Nusii?


  • Making proposals that are on-brand but not perfectly on-brand to the last pixel is enough for you.
  • You need your team to get productive with your proposal software right away.
  • You can’t afford Qwilr.


  • Your proposals are required to be perfectly on-brand.
  • You have time to train your team to a new proposal software.
  • You have the budget for Qwilr and think the value is worth the price.
Rebecca Shaddix

“Nusii is everything we didn’t expect to find in a single proposal platform: intuitive, easy to use, well-designed, and thoughtfully integrated. Switching to sending proposals through Nusii saved us an average of 2 hours per proposal, and increased closed/won deal conversion rate by 41%. I recommend it to anyone who sends proposals that they care to make a strong reflection of their brand. ”

Rebecca Shaddix, Managing Partner, Strategica Partners

6000+ businesses trust in Nusii to win more proposals

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Gina Nieves

It’s just so easy to use. I hired a salesperson who wasn’t very technical and she was able to use Nusii in only a few minutes without problem.

Gina Nieves, CEO & Founder, MarkNet Group