Alternative to Proposify

Here’s why you might find Nusii is a great alternative to Proposify.

Lee Branch

“It's simplicity that makes things fast and efficient. Nusii has nailed it.”

Lee Branch.

We understand that finding the right proposal solution can be a headache. We’ve been there ourselves, really. After over a decade working in the creative industry we know that time, simplicity and above all, winning projects are what count.

On this comparison page we’re going to walk you through some of the main differences between Nusii and Proposify with the goal of helping you make an informed decision on which solution is right for you.

Fast, simple and elegant.

Nusii Dashboard

Simplicity is at the heart of Nusii. With our agency background in design and usability, we believe all products should be as simple to use as possible. We avoid the unnecessary bells and whistles, because we know what it is to value your time.

Proposify tries to recreate the flexibility of Indesign. But if you’ve ever used Adobe’s layout software then you’ll know it can be overwhelming. The more choices and options, the bigger the learning curve and the more time you’ll spend writing and designing your proposals.

We actually want you to spend less time using proposal software and more time getting on with what you do best. Which is why Nusii is fast, simple and elegant.

Lee Branch

“I spent about 3 weeks struggling with Proposify, after spending a further 2 struggling with Quoteroller... I initially chose Proposify as they appeared to have more features that I thought would help me build proposals faster. How wrong I was. It's simplicity that makes things fast and efficient. Nusii has nailed it.”

Lee Branch.

Know who your most valuable clients are.

Nusii Client Overview

Now let’s consider analytics. Proposify gives a good general overview of your sales, which is fine, but we believe that displaying the right data leads to powerful insights. For example, wouldn’t it be helpful to know exactly who your most profitable clients have been over the past year? This is exactly the kind of information that Nusii helps to unlock.

In a nutshell, here’s what Nusii’s Client Overview will show you:

  • Your sales revenue per client.
  • Your Acceptance rate for each client.
  • When a client opens your emails and at what time.
  • When a client opens your proposals and at what time.
  • When a client downloads a copy of your proposal as a PDF.
  • When a client requests further information.
  • When a client accepts or rejects your proposal.
  • When they e-sign (which they can do straight from their browser).
  • Any additional notes about their business.

Fair pricing

Some features are similar in both Proposify and Nusii. For example both offer PDF exports, custom domains, proposal templates and online signatures. You might be surprised to find out that there are big differences in pricing though. Proposify has a clear and transparent pricing of $45 per user per month.

We like the fact it is easy to understand but if you are an agency of, say, 5 people then those 45 dollars can quickly stack up. In fact you’d be paying $225 a month on proposal management software. Nusii, however, has 3 pricing plans. $25/month if it’s just you - we get the freelance hustle! If you’re that agency of 5 we also charge $45/month except with us you get 5 users included for free. Yup, it’s a great deal and if you’re bigger than that we also have a Business plan for $129/month and 10 users included. Whenever you like you can add an extra user for $19/month.

Timur Magomedov

“I tried Proposify but their interface was poor and the templates were generic. As soon as I discovered Nusii I created a test account and it turned out to be exactly what I needed and more!”

Timur Magomedov. Designer/Developer.

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