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Proposals won’t hold you back any longer. Make winning proposals effortlessly and be on top of your deals by tracking proposals until they’re signed.

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6000+ businesses trust in Nusii to win more proposals

Are you losing deals because of your proposals?

Proposals look dated & hard to read despite hours of work. It certainly doesn’t impress prospects.

Back-and-forth emails with never ending proposal versions & follow-ups test the patience of everyone involved.

Between emails, documents, signatures, and payments, mistakes are inevitable and deals are lost for less than that.

Nusii lets you focus on closing deals with remarkable proposals instead of spending all your time on emails and documents.

Rebecca Shaddix

“Sending proposals through Nusii saved us an average of 2 hours per proposal, and increased closed/won deal conversion rate by 41%. ”

Rebecca Shaddix, Managing Partner, Strategica Partners

Winning proposals. No training required.

Don’t waste hours of your time anymore. Nusii is packed with features to create compelling proposals without even lifting a finger.
Templates preview Templates

Use one of our templates instead of starting from nothing. They are crafted by experts.

Content library preview Content library

Re-use content between proposals. This way, new proposals are already at least 80% done.

Interactive pricing preview Interactive pricing

Add multiple pricing options to proposals to make sure clients find what they’re looking for.

Gina Nieves

“It’s just so easy to use. I hired a salesperson who wasn’t very technical and she was able to use Nusii in only a few minutes without problem. ”

Gina Nieves, CEO & Founder, MarkNet Group

Sales intelligence built into your proposals

No more guessing about what’s next. Track everything that’s going on with your proposals to close deals faster at a higher rate.


Get a notification when someone opens, accepts, or signs a proposal. Plus, automatic reminders when proposals aren’t opened yet.


Analyze proposals with the best win rate to find how to fix your blind spots and close more deals.

Sync to your CRM

Keep all communication in your CRM with integrations to your favorite tools. And deal stages are kept in sync with proposal statuses.

Interactive pricing preview
Tim Raemakers

“It's perfect that we can see if and when the receiver reads our proposal, select pricing options, and accept or decline the proposal. The weekly update of our sales activities and accepted/declined proposals, gives us a good overview of our goals. ”

Tim Raemakers, Business Solutions Specialist, Profound

Polished sales process prospects will love

The inconsistency of the buying experience can be a deal breaker. With Nusii, you deliver a coherent and frictionless experience to your prospects primed for success.
Live chat

Prospects can chat with you right inside your proposals.


Nusii’s electronic signatures are legally binding across the globe. We record the name, IP address, and date of signature.


Integrate your proposals with Stripe to accept payments effortlessly.

On-brand proposals

Add your own brand to proposals as well as your own domain name and email address.


You can show a lot more about your expertise with videos. Now embedded in your proposals.

Global sales support

Nusii supports 35 languages and even lets you set up currencies and taxes on a per-client basis.

Ready to create & track stunning proposals without hassle?

No training required
Free 14-day trial
60-day money-back guarantee
Brian Sooy

With Nusii, our close rate has been higher than ever! Hands down, the best system for creating proposals and closing deals that I've ever found in 26 years of business.

Brian Sooy, President, Aespire Branding & Marketing