Alternative to Indesign

Here’s why Nusii is a great alternative to Indesign for sending proposals.

Laura Williams

“With Nusii I can get a proposal out the door in 20 minutes and they look far better than the templates I was creating with Indesign, it’s almost annoying!”

Laura Williams: Creator of

We understand that finding the right proposal solution can be a headache. We’ve been there ourselves, really. After over a decade working in the creative industry we know that time, simplicity and above all, winning projects are what count.

So, Nusii or Indesign? We’re here to highlight the differences and help you choose between the two.

The industry’s workhorse vs. simplicity

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There’s no doubt that Adobe Indesign is the industry’s go-to tool for creating flexible layouts. It was actually our own proposal tool of choice for years before we got fed up of:

  • The time we needed to invest in recreating templates and content.
  • Losing endless billable hours searching for previously used content.
  • The lack of simplicity.
  • Only having access to my proposals on one computer.
  • Having to create PDF’s and then send via email with zero tracking.

The reason for all this? Indesign wasn’t built to write proposals, it was designed as a layout tool for offline publishers. It also requires a steep learning curve. You need to invest a considerable amount of time to master its hundreds of functions.

As we’ve just mentioned, Nusii was actually born out of our frustration with Indesign. We built it to write and manage proposals, period. Over the last few years Nusii has been the subject of countless reviews and testimonials praising its simplicity and ease of use. This is where we excel, and where you can save precious time.

Laura Williams

“I’d spend hours Indesign creating my proposals. Being a designer, I felt that they needed to be exquisitely designed. But my content rarely fit the templates I created, and they lacked the professional finish I was looking for.

When I started using Nusii, it solved all my problems. I can get a proposal out the door in 20 minutes and they look far better than the templates I was creating with Indesign, it’s almost annoying!

And best of all? Every time I send a proposal, I receive comments on how professional they look and how easy they are to read. Now I focus on the content, knowing the design is already taken care of.”

Laura Williams: Creator of

Software that tracks all your proposal interactions

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A compelling proposal is one that gets read. And when it does, you need to know about it.

Indesign is standalone software which means you’ll have to create a PDF of your proposal that you’ll later send as an email attachment. If your client accepts, they’ll then need to use another service to get it signed. Nusii, on the other hand, takes care of all this for you, intuitively and all in one place.

We won’t just help you send proposals, we’ll also let you know:

  • When a client opens your email and at what time.
  • When a client opens your proposal and at what time.
  • When a client downloads a copy of your proposal as a PDF.
  • When a client requests further information.
  • When a client accepts or rejects your proposal.
  • When a client signs off (which they can do right from their browser)
  • Your overall acceptance rate.
  • Your overall sales revenue.
  • Your sales revenue per client.

The power of e-signatures

Yes, you can send a PDF and win a client that way. In fact, we allow you to export your proposals as PDFs if you like to have a hard copy. The latest research, however, shows that sending PDFs by email is less likely to win you a new client. You can greatly increase your chances just by sending an online proposal and offering e-signing. We have free proposal templates to get you started and all plans include e-signatures. That’s because we want you to win as many new projects as possible!

All plans come with a 14-day free trial. Sign up today and see how Nusii can help your business.

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