Alternative to Google Docs

Here are a few ways in which Nusii is a great alternative to Google Docs.

Maurice Cherry

"Whether we're working with Fortune 500 companies or a business across the street, Nusii allows us to create proposals and close deals in minutes. There's no better proposal tool out there."

Ryan Budmayr: Business Development at Lemonly.

We understand that finding the right proposal solution can be a headache. We’ve been there ourselves, really. After over a decade working in the creative industry we know that time, simplicity and above all, winning projects are what count.

We hope this brief overview helps you to make an informed decision on which solution is right for you; Nusii or Word?

You work hard to position your business as a leader, and so will nusii

Nusii Branding

Branding is everything. It’s every action and interaction you make with a potential client, before during and after a project. So what kind of reaction might your client have if they receive a plain-jane Google Doc proposal?

Sure, Google Docs is free, familiar to most and easily accesible…but what impression does it give to your potential customers? Branding and professionalism go hand in hand. Our customers continually get great feedback from their customers on how impressive and professional their proposals are!

Make sure your next client’s experience is top notch, from beginning to end.

Jonathan Wold

“Previously we used Google Docs for all our proposals, but wanted to up our game. After testing several proposal software options, Nusii was the only contender that lasted. A great user interface and a great overall experience.”

Jonathan Wold.

Proposal management made easy with nusii

Nusii Dashboard

While Google Docs can be a great way to share content say, internally, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to managing your proposals. After all, it’s just an online text editor. Nusii was designed from the ground up to create and manage the entire workflow around proposals.

Nusii won’t just send your proposals, it will also let you know when:

  • When your client opens your email and at what time.
  • When your client opens your proposal and at what time.
  • When your client downloads a copy of your proposal as a PDF.
  • When your client requests further information.
  • When your client Accepts (or rejects) your proposal and signs on the the dotted line (straight from their browser).
  • Your overall acceptance rate.
  • Your overall sales revenue.
  • Your sales revenue per client.

Online signing and nusii

Online Signing With Nusii

A stunning proposal isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if it doesn’t get read and signed. Google Docs doesn’t incorporate online digital signing, meaning your client will have to use a third-party service to sign on the dotted line. Every extra step your put in-front of your client makes it harder for them to accept. Nusii takes care of digital signing and allows your client to sign straight in the browser. No third-party software necessary!

Win more projects this year with nusii.

Seeing is believing, which is why we offer a free 14 day trial. We’re confident that Nusii can help your creative business grow. Check our plans and see which fits you best. See you on the other side!