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Step #1: set up your branding

Set up your branding

After signing into your new Nusii account, you’ll want to setup your company branding. Drop in your colours and logo, and you’ll be ready to roll out your professional proposals!

We’ve kept things simple, so you can concentrate on writing compelling proposals. Let us worry about stunning design.

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Step #2: choose a template…or don’t

Choose template

Nusii provides you with a range of professional templates to choose from. Of course you can write your own too.

Either way, starting off with an initial template is a great way to save time and improve consistency across your team. You’ll never have to worry about staring at a blank page again.

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Step #3: Send your finished proposal

Send Proposal

There's nothing worse than the uncertainty of "not knowing". Which is why Nusii makes this a thing of the past. Once you and your team are happy with your proposal, hit send and Nusii will keep track of it, 24/7.

The moment your client opens it, we'll send you a notification, making sure you're always in the loop.

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Step #4: let your clients sign online

Let cilents sign online

As more and more businesses work remotely, or while on the move, it makes sense to let your customers view their proposals anywhere...

With Nusii, your clients will be able to view and sign their proposal on any device, from anywhere. Whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet or home computer, they’ll be able to sign on the dotted line, right there in the browser.

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Why our customers love nusii

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