How Nusii Helped an Entrepreneur Go from Broke and Scared... to Winning Amazing Clients Regularly

David Hunter

“Nusii has superior usability and is just so clean and easy to use. You guys did a great job!”

David Hunter: Founder / Nooga Labs

The Challenge…

“Nusii helped me go from barely scraping by to landing enough jobs to go full-time”

When David Hunter started Nooga Labs, he didn’t know if he’d ever make it.

His small business specialized in web design and development… and competition was fierce.

With a shoestring advertising and marketing budget, David couldn’t afford “normal” expenses:

  • No Facebook ads
  • No Google AdWords
  • No event sponsorships

Tight on money, David put his head down and hustled.

“Most of my business in the early days came through cold email outreach to attorneys or face-to-face networking at events,” David recalls.

He could get his foot in the door with these companies… but when it came to pricing, he struggled.

“We’d talk pricing generalizations in-person, and then I’d send them an email quoting $1,800 for the project and I’d just never hear back.”

David needed help to make his business full-time.

Unsure where else to turn, he started Googling for business advice.

The Solution…

Googling around, David noticed his boring proposals were holding his business back. With one of his business problems now identified, he looked for solutions.

“I wasn’t getting anyone to bite, so I told myself I had to figure a way to create a proposal,” David recalls.

In the early days of his business, David created proposals from Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

But he wasn’t making any real progress, so he decided to look for a better, inexpensive solution.

“I wanted something easier and already laid out. I didn’t want to recreate the wheel, and I wanted to just make small tweaks so it could work for me.”

Browsing around the web, David discovered a few options. “I found a blog with Nusii and a few competitors. Nusii looked beautiful and was inexpensive, so I had to try it.”

Immediately, David noticed the differences between Nusii and competitors.

“A lot of the features you have are just ridiculously awesome.”

Some of David’s favorite Nusii features include…

  • Templates: “I can take a Nusii template, put Nooga Labs at the top, add some of my verbiage, and not have to write it from scratch”
  • Videos: “When I have to write proposals out, it’s a huge burden. This is why I love being able to record and put videos in a Nusii proposal”
  • Out-of-box design: “I use Nusii when I want to put my best foot forward or if I know I’m competing. I know Nusii will be the difference to win the proposal”

With proposal management software from Nusii in-hand, David was ready to hit the ground running.

The Results…

Nusii has completely changed David’s business.

“It was a game-changer for me,” David proudly says. “I’ve won four or five good clients because of Nusii.”

Instead of struggling with his business, working part-time on the side to supplement income, David was able to take Nooga Labs full-time.

Even better, David grew Nooga Labs to heights he didn’t even know was possible.

A big reason why David was successful was Nusii.

“On two big prospects, they specifically mentioned the quality and professionalism of the Nusii proposal they received compared to other RFPs. I won the project,” David explains.

After being a Nusii customer for three years, David isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “Any expense will get cut before Nusii.”

Thanks to Nusii, David has been able to create winning proposals in a fraction of the time — at an inexpensive cost.