How a Small Agency Gets Winning Clients in a Fraction of the Time

Ben Harrison

“We were just using Microsoft Word... Mainly, I wanted something quicker and easier because I'm not a huge fan of writing proposals.”

Ben Harrison: Director / Web Optic

The Challenge…

“There's only four of us. We're not a big company,” says Ben Harrison, the Director of Web Optic.

As a small web development and design company, Web Optic didn't have a big budget.

  • They couldn't buy costly Facebook ads to get eyeballs on their brand
  • Any tools they purchased had to be inexpensive because of tight finances
  • To win projects, they had to really impress prospects

When Web Optic got a lead, they needed a way to separate themselves from the big players in the industry and win their prospects over.

Ben and his team knew they had to do something different, at an inexpensive cost, to get more business.

Web Optic's first focus: Create better proposals. “We were just using Microsoft Word,” Ben says. “Mainly, I wanted something quicker and easier because I'm not a huge fan of writing proposals.”

The Solution…

Struggling to find an inexpensive way to create winning proposals, Ben and the Web Optic team started Googling.

Ben wanted proposal management software with the following features:

  • Create and send proposals in just 15 minutes
  • Powerful features to help land more customers (and make more money)
  • As a small business with a shoestring budget, he had to be careful of costs

Ben recalls, “We were just browsing different proposal software online, and then we stumbled on Nusii.”

When Ben and the Web Optic team found Nusii, they realized they finally found a platform to answer their proposal prayers.

The Results…

“Some proposals can take 15 minutes with Nusii, but they look like they've taken several hours,” Ben ecstatically told us.

Instead of spending hours creating proposals, Ben was spending minutes using Nusii.

Even better, he was winning more clients and making more money. “I'm pretty convinced we've landed a few retainers because of the optional pricing sections Nusii allows us to add to our proposals.”

When we asked Ben his favorite features, he wasn't shy to share:

  • “Repeatable sections and duplicating previous ones”
  • “Being able to see when a client views a proposal”
  • “It looks a lot more professional when we send something from Nusii — it looks like we've put in a lot more effort than we actually needed to.”

The team at Web Optic only sends one to three proposals per month, and Ben says Nusii is definitely worth it.

Because of Nusii, Web Optic is closing better clients, making more money, and spending less time creating proposals.