How a Web Design Agency Escaped the Frustration of Time-Consuming Proposals

Gina Nieves

“Nusii has superior usability and is just so clean and easy to use. You guys did a great job!”

Gina Nieves: CEO & Founder / MarkNet Group

The Challenge…

“Before Nusii, it was frustrating, time-consuming, and annoying to sit down and write proposals start-to-finish”

With nine employees at her company MarketNet Group — a website and digital marketing agency — Gina is strapped for time.

Before Nusii, Gina wasted tons of time on proposals:

  • Writing a proposal from scratch
  • Spend hours with her designer to design a beautiful proposal
  • Onboarding new team members into her proposal software

Gina knew there must be a better way to create proposals.

“I was using Quote Roller before. As I started creating more proposals, I didn’t like their user interface. I spent more time trying to use the tool than writing the proposal! Plus, there were so many features it got overwhelming.”

Frustrated, Gina wanted to find a way to write winning proposals — quickly and easily.

The Solution…

“I did a Google search for Quote Roller alternatives, and I found Nusii,” Gina recalls.

But, we weren’t the only software Gina tried. She also gave Proposify and Proposable a shot.

After experimenting with all three systems, one thing was obvious: Nusii destroyed the competition.

“I tested Nusii, Proposify, and Proposable. I set up the proposal in all three systems, and Nusii had the best interface.”

Nusii’s interface helped Gina create and send winning proposals in a fraction of the time. As she explored Nusii more, she noticed other benefits over the competition, too.

“What separated Nusii was usability and ease-of-use. I could imagine onboarding salespeople and having them learn the system the same day… not spending hours trying to figure it out.”

With Nusii in-hand, Gina started sending more proposals to her prospects. The results were fantastic.

The Results…

“I’ve gotten to the point where 85% of my proposal is written right away because of Nusii templates.”

Nusii helped MarkNet group be more efficient and effective, and Gina’s business grew:

  • Less time spent creating proposals
  • Better proposal designs
  • More money from prospects and clients

Gina has three favorite Nusii features to save time and win more projects:

  • Templates
  • Reusable sections
  • Open notifications

“I love your templates, I love your reusable sections, and I love your open notifications. When someone opens my proposal, I know,” Gina delightedly shares.

“It’s just so easy to use. I hired a salesperson who wasn’t very technical and she was able to use Nusii in only a few minutes without problem.”

Thanks to Nusii, Gina and MarkNet group are creating beautiful, winning proposals in a fraction of the time.