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Cleaning Service proposal template

Take this template as the foundation for your cleaning service proposals.

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A cleaning proposal template that you’ll love

Cleaning service contracts are usually competitive and the result of a proposal process. The easiest way to get started is with a cleaning proposal template.

There are different standards of cleaning services. The service level you can offer often comes down to details such as meticulousness, timeliness & adaptability. That’s often the difference in value between one apparently similar cleaning service and another. The question is, how to convey these differences to a prospective client who is comparing “like with like”?

With a compelling online proposal that shows you “get it”.

Your cleaning service proposal should clearly show the added value you bring. It should show you understand client needs and highlight how your work is different from run of the mill cleaners. By customizing the proposal template to your client you can give yourself a better chance of landing the contract.

In fact, we have data that shows that a customized proposal will generally win out over a generic one. That’s why we always recommend adapting the proposal template before sending it. Make it as relevant and impactful to that particular client as possible. Sound hard? It really doesn’t have to be.

If you are using proposal software such as Nusii you’ll find it quick to make changes. We have built-in features such as image drag and drop, reusable sections and variables that auto-update client details. You’ll be able to quickly personalize one of our templates (or your own!) and send multiple proposals out easily. Not bad!

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How to create a Cleaning Service Proposal from a template

Whether you offer office cleaning, window cleaning or vehicle cleaning you are probably in need of a constant flow of new clients. And how do you get them? With a proposal, of course!

You’re only going to win them, though, if your proposal is better than all the other ones the client receives. You can start with a cleaning proposal template and ours is one of the best out there (no, really!). Go ahead and check it out.

You can send it as is but if you really want to reel in those new cleaning deals, you’re going to have to customize your proposal to every client. In other words, you’ll need to take the template and adapt it to your business and your client’s needs.

Let’s go through the 7 parts of a winning proposal and how to edit each of them to end up with an awesome cleaning proposal!

1. Cover & title

First things first, our proposal needs a name. Don’t think too hard on this one. It is much simpler and less confusing to just call it what it is. Corporate Car Cleaning Proposal? Then, just say it!

Now for the cover image, this should be representative of your business but ideally also of the client’s needs. Try to avoid images that are difficult to understand, crowded or have too many colours going on.

You’ll need the text to standout so it helps to have a clean (sorry, we had to!) background. You might also want to apply a shadow overlay. If you’re using Nusii proposal software, you can do this right from the app. No need to mess around with Canva!

2. Problem & goals

As you may already know from experience it’s always good to have a quick client interview, before starting any kind of proposal. Then you can get an idea of what the client really needs, how big a job it is and how often they will need you.

In this section we will quickly and succinctly state the client needs. This might be related to office space that needs regular cleaning, swimming pools that require maintenance or it could be a one-off project to clean a fleet of vehicles.

Once you’ve stated the needs, briefly state clear goals that you will achieve. This should directly address the problem the client currently has and should show that you understand what their needs are. For example, if a client is dissatisfied with the speed of the current window cleaning provider, you may state your goal as completing the task within a set period of time.

3. Proposed solution

Here’s where we propose exactly what the client is looking for. It’s our proposed solution!

You’ll want to detail the specifics of your cleaning service but you’ll want the main theme of the proposal to be around the value that you bring. Not all cleaning services are created equal and you need to highlight what differentiates you from the rest.

Not doing that is a big mistake because it forces the client to compare on price alone which forces you to be in a race to the bottom. Prove that you’re worth your price tag by highlighting your expertise and experience.

Try to customize your proposal to the exact needs of your client. If they own a fleet of high end corporate cars and you are specialised in this type of cleaning, now is the time to highlight that!

A testimonial is also a great way to build trust and double down on why they should choose you over the rest.

4. Scope

Cleaning materials are expensive and so is manpower so the last thing you want is a misunderstanding of what you actually proposed and what the client is getting. That’s why a quick scope section is needed.

You’ll define exactly what’s included and what’s not.

5. Benefits

Before delving into pricing it’s a good idea to remind the client of the benefits of working with you. If, in the initial discussion they mentioned some concerns or issues that they have you can mention here how these will be instantly fixed if your proposal is accepted.

Depending on the client you might focus more on excellence, turnaround speed, reliability or expertise.

6. Pricing

What we often see with cleaning service proposals is a list of possible services with a price attached. Or an hourly rate with price attached.

This approach is okay but it encourages the client to think that all services are alike and that the smart decision is to go for the cheapest among them. If you want to protect your margins better we suggest you go for optional pricing.

This means creating bundles of services with a total price. You can still create a set of different bundles each with their price point so the client can match one to their budget.

7. Timeline and cta

Introducing an idea of timings is both useful for the prospective client and useful to you. Why is it useful to you? Well, it creates a sense of urgency. You can say, for example, that you are ready to start an assignment 1 week after sign-off. This gives an extra reason to get the proposal approved as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to include a call to action as well. If you are using Nusii proposal software you’ll see we have digital signatures as standard. This is because clients love to e-sign and you can track when they do. It’s just one of a set of features designed to help you manage and win as many proposals as possible!

Why online proposals?

What can Nusii give you that more traditional methods cannot?

Proposal Notifications

Not only will Nusii keep you in the loop about everything that happens with your proposals, but we’ll also help you see just how often your client is interacting with your proposal, whether they’ve downloaded a PDF copy and of course whether they’ve accepted!
Knowledge is power.

Digital e-signing

The easier you make it for your client to get on-board, the better your chances of closing a deal. Digital e-signing or online signatures is a great way to reduce friction. Gone are the days of scanners and email attachments. Let your client accept their proposal right from the browser.

PDF Export

Having an offline record of your proposals can be very useful, especially when accounting season comes around. Which is why at Nusii you can export PDF copies of all your proposals.

Free Support

Our customer support is done by us, no outsourcing...and we’re pretty quick on the draw. Being a small team means if we want to succeed, you need to succeed first.

Unlimited Proposal Templates

Really! If you work with 500 different client types and you need a proposal template for each of them, no problem. Create templates with the click of a button and save yourself countless hours of writing and proposal preparation.

Know where your biggest profits lie

Business is about maximizing profit. Knowing who your most profitable clients are can help you to find more, just like them. Nusii lets you drill down into your Revenue on a per-client basis, showing you exactly who your best customers are.

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