Multiple sending profiles and improved deliverability

At Nusii we’re always striving to improve the proposal process. Read on to check out our newest product updates!

Multiple sender profiles

Previously, you could use just one sender profile per user, but now you’re able to create as many sender profiles as you like and you can also send proposals on behalf of your colleagues. Additionally, Nusii users now have the option to change both the reply-to email and the reply-to email address. So, if you’d like to send as but you want to receive replies to, you can do just that! Please find detailed information on this exciting new update here.

New look and improved filtering

Improved email deliverability by adding another DNS record

All Nusii users now have the ability to add a custom return path to each and every email. The return path notifies you if an email bounces. In place of the former default return path, the new custom return path much improves deliverability. Now your email is less likely to land in a spam folder. To add this custom feature, please navigate to the “Sending Domain” page in your Settings.

New look and improved filtering

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