How to use your own email address

We want to guarantee that each and every email you send through Nusii reaches its destination. By default your proposals are sent from We understand that you’ll want to use your own email address. However, sending email on behalf of another domain can create deliverability issues. To put it simply, some email providers will regard it as spam.

To bypass this, it’s essential to create an email signature…

This can seem like a complicated process, but it actually only takes a few minutes. Follow the tutorial below and of course if you have and questions you can contact

Creating your sending domain

Login to your Nusii account and click on “Settings”, from here select “Email Signature”. You’ll be presented with the following screen.

Settings Sending Domain

Click the “Generate Signature” button.

You'll receive an email from Postmark (the email service we use) asking you to “Activate this signature”. If the email doesn’t arrive within a few minutes you can choose to “Resend Verification Email” (If the email still doesn’t arrive contact

In the email click on the “Activate this signature” button. You’ll be taken to a screen informing you that your email sender signature has been activated.

Confirm Sending Domain

Updating your DNS settings

Depending on your domain registrar, this next part can vary slightly. If you’re not sure how to proceed, contact your domain registrar or IT department. You can find DNS tutorials from other popular domain registrars below:

Verify Sending Domain

To update your DNS settings, copy the data you’ll find in the image above and paste it as TXT into your hosting’s DNS settings.

Once these changes are made you can click on the “Verify email settings” button. If you see that the DKIM Settings haven’t been verified, don’t worry, it can take up to 12 hours for your host to verify any changes.

Once the changes have been verified you’ll receive an email from Nusii letting you know that you’re ready to start sending emails using your own domain.

Please note, you won’t have to complete the whole process for every team member that you add as your domain will already be verified. They will however have to verify their email address through Nusii.

If you have an technical issues it’s best to check with your hosting company or IT department first as they will have a better idea of how your particular DNS settings work.