Stripe Payment Integration

Getting paid is an integral part of any business. Being able to take a secure credit card payment from your client after they accept your proposal makes the sales process friction free and means you get money in your bank before beginning a project.

The first thing you'll need is a Stripe account. It doesn't cost anything to create an account. You can open a Stripe account here. Once setup, make sure you're logged in to Stripe before continuing.

So let's get your Nusii account ready to take payments!

First of all head to the Integration's page inside Nusii and click on the Stripe logo.

Integration Page

Once you do this you'll be asked to connect your Stripe account. Go ahead and click on the 'Connect to Stripe' button. You'll see the following screen.

Click the 'Connect my Stripe account' button.

Stripe Connect

Once Stripe is authorized, you'll be sent back to Nusii where you can choose which percentage of the proposal (fixed) total you would like to request from your customer. Please note, your customer must accept the proposal before a payment can be requested.

Stripe Connected with Nusii

Important: You will need to choose to accept payments on a per-proposal basis. You can find this option in 'Proposal Settings'. You can also change the percentage requested on a per-proposal basis.

Stripe Connected with Nusii

Also note that if you choose to send your proposal outside of Nusii, then the proposal's status must be changed to 'Sent and Pending' in the Proposal's Overview. Otherwise Nusii won't know that your proposal is live and ready to accept payments.

You are now ready to take one-off payments from your clients. Go get 'em!