How to Integrate with Highrise

When you connect your Nusii account to Highrise you can automatically:

  • Import and sync your Highrise and Nusii contacts
  • Create deals straight from your proposals
  • Track a proposal's state in Highrise
  • Receive a copy of all proposal correspondence directly in Highrise.

Setting up the integration is easy…You'll need two things.

  • Your Authentification token from Highrise
  • Your Highrise account subdomain

To set up your Highrise integration, click on Settings / Integrations

Highrise Integration

Click on the Highrise logo and insert your Highrise Authentification token and Highrise Subdomain. These can be found in your Highrise account settings.

Highrise Authenticate

Once added, you'll also have the option to Import current Highrise contacts, Auto-sync Proposals and Highrise Deals and Auto-sync Nusii and Highrise Clients. You'll notice that you can also forward your Nusii emails directly to the relevant Highrise Deal, very handy for keeping everyone in the loop. You can read how to do that here.

Once this is done, click "Add Highrise Account" and you're all set!

From now on, all new proposals will automatically generate a Deal in Highrise and even add new clients for you. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.