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Interview: Nusii – Beautiful Proposals, Simplified.

I was recently interviewed by the guys over at Startup Catchup. I spoke about the origins of Nusii, why we built it and and where we see it going. Check out the interview.

A great service that will help you to “Deliver simple, beautiful proposals...

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The Ultimate Guide to Proposals: Design is a distraction

The more I learn about business and design, the less importance I give to aesthetics. Design is a distraction.  Don’t hate me yet!

There’s so much more to a successful business than just good design. Design needs a reason to exist, a purpose. By itself...

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The ultimate guide to proposals: Why proposals fail

If you’re reading this then chances are your proposals are under-performing and you don’t know why. As designers we dislike writing proposals. We worry about all sorts of things: Am I too expensive? Am I too cheap, too eager, too slow to respond, have...

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The ultimate guide to proposals: What's a proposal?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Nobody likes writing proposals. They eat away at billable time. They can be tedious, and a portfolio is all you need anyway, right?


An amateur designer can make do with the traditional “quote email...

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