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How to write winning proposals, again and again

In our endless search for the perfect client we inevitably send out a lot of proposals, lots and lots of proposals. But how many of them are winners?

We invest valuable time in writing and designing them, time that we hope will further our careers...

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Five deadly sins of a freelance designer

It's hard to believe, but freelance designers make mistakes, mistakes of such epic proportions that they should be deemed "freelance sins", and I'm as guilty as the next. I'm not referring to those little mistakes, like a poor choice of colour or whether...

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How to guarantee you finish that next side project

Getting things done can be difficult. In a busy world we have so many things competing for our time. The time management gurus say, "If you don't have the time, make it", but we can be own own worst enemies.

Being productive means being responsible...

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Freelancer, Studio or Agency, what's in a name?

For those who are starting out in the creative sector, the importance of choosing the right name can be daunting, but perhaps an even bigger challenge is categorising yourself as a creative entity. How do you want to be perceived by potential clients...

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