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Why your freelance business needs a business coach

One of the great things about being an independent freelancer is well… the independence. You make our own decisions and follow your own path. Sometimes though it's easy to get lost along the way.

Working with a business coach can seem like a big deal...

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90 tools and services to rock your freelance business

Running a freelance business can be challenging. At any one time you're pulled in a hundred different directions. So how do you stay sane? How do you keep things in order? Well structured work flows and a reliable set of freelance tools will help you...

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The Ultimate Guide to Proposals

If you've ever struggled with proposals then you know the pain. The Ultimate Guide to Proposals is here to help you win more proposals, more consistently. Here you can find the complete collection of posts that make up The Ultimate Guide to Proposals...

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Pricing your proposal - With Nathan Barry

Sending out proposals is scary. You imagine all those other more experienced consultants sending out exquisite proposals, written on rolled gold and delivered by carrier pigeon. You know it’s all in your head, but doubt creeps in and you begin to second...

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Interview with Richard Child of Grid North Design

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to interaction designer Richard Child. Richard has spent the last year working at one of Spain's largest startups. He's recently branched out on his own under the moniker of Grid North Design. Richard talks about the importance...

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Interview with Laura Williams of Laurium Design

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Laura Williams of Laurium Design. Laura told me about her struggle with turning down work, establishing client ground rules and how a fundamental shift in her proposal writing process wins her more and...

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The secret to winning more proposals

A common problem for those new to writing proposals is knowing what to actually write. What the hell should you include in a proposal anyway? Too many clients are lost to poorly written proposals and that needs to stop. Today I'm going to tell you...

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Interview with Maurice Cherry of 3eighteen media

This week I talk to Maurice Cherry of 3eighteen media. Maurice is a busy man, when he's not running his consulting agency he's running a podcast, blogging, teaching and being a stand up guy. He's was also Nusii's very first customer!

Hey Maurice!...

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The absolute bare minimum: SEO for Beginners

You may have heard a few things about search engine optimization (SEO). Probably not many of them were nice. But today I am going to teach you the absolute bare minimum you - as a beginner - need to know about SEO. Welcome to SEO for beginners.


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