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The Ultimate Guide to Proposals: Design is a distraction

The more I learn about business and design, the less importance I give to aesthetics. Design is a distraction. Don’t hate me yet!

There’s so much more to a successful business than just good design. Design needs a reason to exist, a purpose. By itself...

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The ultimate guide to proposals: Why proposals fail

If you’re reading this then chances are your proposals are under-performing and you don’t know why. As designers we dislike writing proposals. We worry about all sorts of things: Am I too expensive? Am I too cheap, too eager, too slow to respond, have...

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The ultimate guide to proposals: What's a proposal?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Nobody likes writing proposals. They eat away at billable time. They can be tedious, and a portfolio is all you need anyway, right?


An amateur designer can make do with the traditional “quote email...

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The importance of setting goals and falling short

When we talk about setting goals we tend to think about new year's eve, promises of weight loss and failed gym memberships. But goals are something that are with us all year round. So how do we make them work for us? Do we need them and are they even...

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How to build a better client pipeline

If you get a decent flow of traffic to your website then you'll know how difficult it can be to convert visitors into customers. Building your client pipeline is a significant challenge, and unless you have a particularly high conversion rate most...

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Revenue via products, why settle for an hourly rate?

It's a rare freelance consultant who doesn't dream of "bigger things". It's in our nature. We already wanted something different the day we left the office environment and boldly went where few(er) have been before. So what happens when we're ready...

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