Say hello to Tiny Reminder: The automated virtual assistant for freelance creatives

Back in 2013 Nusii began life as a scrappy MVP. With no previous experience as a product owner I never expected Nusii to become anything more than a side-project. Fast forward to today and we've become part of the (proposal software) furniture.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a TON of work ahead, but fortunately Nusii is still very much our passion. And of course it brings home the proverbial bacon… However just before Christmas we were made an offer we couldn’t refuse…

No. We’re not selling! ** Quite the opposite in fact… Say hello to Nusii's baby sister, Tiny Reminder!

Nusii Reminder Landing Page

So what is Tiny Reminder? It's an automated virtual assistant for creative folks. It takes all those boring, repetitive tasks we all hate doing in our day to day and automates them for you. A few examples:

  • Collect website content before a project kicks off.
  • Gather client testimonials after project sign off.
  • Send todo lists to your clients, and get a response!
  • Collect bios and slides from Conference Speakers, before the event.

This list of use-cases is extensive, but the really great part is that it can tie into your existing workflow (and even improve it) by using Zapier.

Here’s an example of how one customer uses Tiny Reminder, Zapier and Pipedrive to get stuff done, fast.

Rob Turlinckx: UX SaaS Consultant, uses Tiny Reminder to gather customer information before beginning a new project. He uses Zapier as the middleman between ‘TR’ and Pipedrive. Once a client’s info has successfully been gathered they are pushed to Pipedrive where their progress is then tracked from beginning to end. And of course, when a project is finished, his clients automatically get a testimonial request!

Now there's a lot of work to be done, it had been left to it’s own devices for some time. Traffic had dropped off, users were bailing and it had become a virtual dead-weight. But we like a challenge, (we’re a couple of bootstrappers in a venture backed world) and Tiny Reminder seemed to be just that :)

We launched the brand-new Tiny Reminder website today and are super stoked. Over the coming months (and hopefully years) we’ll begin to improve the app and give it the Nusii makeover!

We’d love to invite you to try it out. It’s completely free, and you don’t need a credit card to sign up. We welcome any constructive feedback and thoughts on the service.

One last recommendation before I let you check it out. Make good use of Zapier. This combination turns it into a veritable powerhouse of a service.

So without further ado, say hello to Tiny Reminder!

All plans come with a 14-day free trial. Sign up today and see how Nusii can help your business.

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