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A social media proposal template that wins business

If you want to win more social media marketing projects, you need a solid starting point...And here you have it.

If you work in Social Media then you know where your value lies…In the results you produce. It’s easy to promise new followers, higher click through rates and cheaper leads, but how do you convey this value before they sign on the dotted line?

With a compelling proposal that says "I understand".

Your social media proposal needs to sell value from the very beginning. It should show your potential client that you’re capable and results orientated.

Michael and I come from the world of design and development. We knew that if we wanted to offer an awesome social media proposal template then we needed to get help. We teamed up with Super Spicy Media and put together the “Super Spicy” social media proposal template. This is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to write a social media proposal. And best of all it’s free!

Super Spicy Media Proposal

Here’s what you’ll find in our free proposal template:

Introduction: It’s a good idea to remind your client just who’s proposal they’re reading. Days or weeks can pass between first contact and sending a proposal, so reintroduce yourself. Say Hi!

Overview or Starting Point: This is where you discuss the here and now, the “bird's eye view” of the problem your client is facing. Here you can repeat all that you’ve discovered during your client meetings. Repetition is a powerful enforcer.

Objectives: If you don’t know the client’s objectives, or what they need to achieve then it’s all for nought. We can only know that we’ve succeeded if we have goals, and a point of comparison. Get it down in black and white.

Achieving your Goals: This is the place to shine. Let your client know how you work and how you intend to help them reach the goals you mentioned in “Objectives”. Let them see what tomorrow looks like.

Pricing and Plans: Forget about Chinese menu pricing. Itemising every single detail is a sure fire way to let your client pick apart your pricing. By creating packages you can let your client see the value that each package provides. It’s all about value and if your client can’t see that value, you’ll have a tricky sell.

Next Steps: Be very clear about what steps your client should take to work with you. If they need to sign on the dotted line, tell them. If If they need to pay a deposit, let them know how much and where to make the payment. Don’t make your client guess. The clearer you are here, the simpler you make the next step.

Don’t forget, a compelling proposal can only be written after successfully understanding your client’s pain. Working any other way leaves it to chance. Show your client you understand.

Our free social media proposal template will give you a great starting point for your next social media project. But make sure you actively listen in your client interviews, make notes, think outside the box and offer so much value they can’t refuse!

Good luck!

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We’ll also send you helpful tips on how to win more proposals. Unsubscribe at any time.

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