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A web design proposal template that converts

If you want to win more projects, you need a solid starting point...And here you have it.

A common problem when writing a web design proposal is knowing where to start. It can be a daunting process. Too many web design projects are rejected thanks to poorly written proposals. But that stops now!

With the Nusii web design proposal template you can be sure to hit the ground running. Any winning proposal describes a few essential elements:

The Problem: The pain your client is facing.
The Solution: How you’ll solve your client’s pain.
The Cost: How much it will cost your client.
The Outcome: This is often overlooked. If you can’t promise a better tomorrow to your client, you can forget about closing the deal.

From there onwards, you can add additional content as needed.

Proposal template

In the Nusii web design proposal template we include some other interesting sections:

Introduction: If your client is talking to other potential consultants then it never hurts to remind them who you are.

Overview: Here you give a bird's eye view of the problem your client is facing. Let them see that you know why they contacted you.

Client Needs: Here you talk about everything you've learned in your client meetings. Go past what they think their needs are, and dig a little deeper.

Project Goals: Without setting goals you have no way to see if you've improved your client's business. This is the place to shine. Let them know what tomorrow will look like after working with you.

Pricing Options: Forget about Chinese menu pricing. Package your prices up into nice bundles where you client can focus on the value. This is a great opportunity to give an overview of the benefits provided. It's about perceived value, not cost.

Next Steps: Make it crystal clear what any next steps should be. If they need to pay a deposit, let them know. If they need to click the “Accept Proposal” button, let them know. The clearer you are, the easier you make it for your customer to take action.

A winning web design proposal does everything it can to persuade your client that you understand their problem. It’s only after understanding the problem that you can begin to look at helping their business. This is what a proposal is for.

In this free proposal template you’ll see how a winning proposal talks to a customers pain, their needs, goals and costs…

Good luck!

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We’ll also send you helpful tips on how to win more proposals. Unsubscribe at any time.

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