What Makes the Strongest Proposal?

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When your prospects review your proposal, will they choose the service provider who is the most competent or the cheapest?

To write the proposal that gets the job, you need to know what they value most.

If they’re looking for the cheapest bid, all you have to do is get the numbers right.

But if they are looking for quality and competence, your proposal must persuasively make the argument that you are the expert they need.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. There are thousands out there hyping themselves – it’s hard to know whom to believe. If you are hiring someone to do something you are not an expert in, how can you tell if the people you’re talking to know what they’re talking about? How do you know they will do the best job? How do you know if you can trust them?

It very difficult – I know because I went through this process when I moved my web site to a different platform. I was looking for someone who could demonstrate that they understood my situation and had dealt with it many times before. That would make me comfortable. In fact, I found someone who specialized in my new platform and, indeed, they did the work flawlessly.

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That’s exactly what a niche does for you – it puts your prospect at ease. And your proposal is the ideal place to highlight your specialty because it’s a direct communication between you and one company about why you’re the best option they have.

Your proposal is one of the few environments where you don’t have to worry that proclaiming your niche will alienate everyone else, as it might in a more public arena, like your web site.

Your proposal is from you to your prospect – and your task is to make the strongest argument possible for how you can help.

If you are a specialist in exactly what they need…if you can show (not just tell but actually demonstrate) that you understand their needs and have solved their problems many times before, they will be much more likely to trust that you can help them too. And that’s why they will choose you.

So if you want your clients to pick you, you need to pick a niche. For more on how, watch the video on YouTube.

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