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Download The Ultimate Proposal Cheatsheet (NEW)

Nobody teaches you how to write a compelling proposal. In fact most of us learn the hard way, which is less than ideal when a rejected proposal means lost money. We wrote the “The Ultimate Proposal Cheatsheet” as a handy checklist to reference at any time.

Web Design Proposal Template

Creating your first web design proposal is easy with our ready to go web design proposal template. We have everything in place to help you start winning more projects. Download our free template, edit at will and win more business.

Super Spicy Social Media Proposal Template

Our free social media proposal template is guaranteed to steer you in the right direction. How can we be sure? It comes direct from the founder of Super Spicy Media, Mojca Mars. If you need a solid starting point for your next social media proposal, don't doubt; download, edit and start winning more projects.

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Writing a convincing proposal isn't a dark art. Find out how to write better, more convincing proposals in only 5 days. With our actionable 5-part email course you'll be knocking them out of the park in no time...and best of all, for free.

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