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How does nusii help your business win more proposals?

Here are just a few of the ways in which Nusii can help your business win more proposals.

Your Own Branding

Your own branding, domain & email

Gone are the days of spending hours and hours in Photoshop or InDesign. Nusii lets you add your own branding to our “out-of-the-box-beautiful” templates in minutes.

And that's not all, with your own custom domain and email address, no one will even know you're using an online service at all!

Proposal notifications

There's nothing worse than sending off a proposal for that awesome new project only to have no idea whether it's even been seen! Stay in the loop every step of the way. Get notified when your client opens the proposal email and again when they open their proposal.

Nusii will even nudge you to check back in on your unopen proposals (you know you should, but it is scary right? We have your back)

Proposal Notifications

Reusable content, your best ally

How much of your billable time goes down the drain hunting for past proposal content? Was it in Documents, the Past Client’s folder, or on that old external hard drive? It’s infuriating, right? But no more...

Nusii lets you save and insert your best content, along with your pricing, at the click of a button. What’s more, with Nusii’s variables you don’t even need to worry about swapping out your old client’s company details. Say goodbye to "find and replace" and let Nusii do the tedious stuff, so you can focus on actual billable work!

Reusable content

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What our customers say

Christian Asche

Christian Asche

CEO / Coveto

“With Nusii, we have a lot more data and we can analyze it and see which proposals converted and which didn't convert. And because it's so easy to change the template, we can quickly create new versions, iterate on proposals, and try to find a better version.

David Hunter

David Hunter

Founder / Nooga Labs

Nusii helped me go from barely scraping by, working a part-time job, to landing enough clients to go full-time...

... If I know I'm competing against other freelancers and agencies, I use Nusii because it’s the difference between winning or losing a project.

Gina Nieves

Gina Nieves

CEO & Founder / MarkNet Group

What impresses me most about Nusii is the usability and ease of use. I'm able to send a proposal the same day I start it, instead of spending days trying to figure the tool out...

...Thanks to Nusii templates, 80% of my proposal is already written whenever I need to send a new one.

Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison

Director / Web Optic

Proposals can take only 15 minutes with Nusii, but they look like they've taken several hours...

...I'm pretty convinced we've landed a few retainers because Nusii allows us to put in optional upsell projects in our proposals.

Integrations & API

Nusii is a powerful piece of software, but hook it up to your favorite apps and it becomes a powerhouse! Get the most out of your software. See all integrations.

Nusii API

If you prefer to have more control you can connect directly to our API.

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Brian Sooy

With Nusii, our close rate has been higher than ever! Hands down, the best system for creating proposals and closing deals that I've ever found in 26 years of business.

Brian Sooy, President, Aespire Branding & Marketing