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4 reasons your proposal lost you the work

It's Friday night and you're feeling good. You ended the day by sending a proposal that you think is a solid lock. Come Monday you'll be looking at a new project worth an easy 5 figures and you deserve it after a number of phone calls with the prospect...

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4 Ways to Use Rejection to Your Advantage

You met with a prospective client, hit it off right away, and knew you could deliver spectacular results for their project. So you perform your due diligence and craft the perfect proposal. You send it out knowing you knocked it out of the park and...

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4 Things that aren’t the job of a proposal

If you want work, you need to write proposals, and for many people that is not a happy thought. They really want to dive in to their craft and knock out a great design or write elegant code. The proposal is simply a way to get to the execution of that...

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