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Staying Motivated in Tough (or Slow) Times

As a growing agency, you’ll experience times when business is booming and you’re slammed with tons of work on your plate. You’ll also go through slow times when you’re not sure where your next project will come from.

Feast or famine is a real struggle...

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How to Leverage Your Network for High-Paying Referrals

During your freelance career, you’ll inevitably go through some amazing high points and some not-so-fun lows. This unpredictable rollercoaster of revenue is what scares many people away from freelancing in the first place.

People think that lulls...

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Conferences: Are You Getting What You Came For?

For some, the idea of attending a conference can be a bit intimidating: you enter a crowded room full of people and everyone is chatting away and seemingly busy. You slap on your name tag and wonder where you should even begin. Thoughts like these...

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How to Shift From Projects to Retainers

One of the biggest myths about freelancing is that you can’t find consistent work. Sure, you may be able to land a long-term project here and there, but can you really find steady projects in this current economy?

To the disbelievers out there, the...

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How to Set (Realistic) Expectations With a New Client

The beginning stages of a project are definitely the most exciting. You’re able to bring your ideas to the table and your client imagines the result of having the two of you join forces.

Although this time when your creative juices are at their highest...

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What Makes the Strongest Proposal?

When your prospects review your proposal, will they choose the service provider who is the most competent or the cheapest?

To write the proposal that gets the job, you need to know what they value most.

If they’re looking for the cheapest bid, all...

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The Freelancer’s Guide to Cold Email Outreach

Back in the day—before the ease of technology came into existence—salespeople had to ‘cold call’ to offer their products or services by physically calling and speaking to as many potential customers as possible. Anyone familiar with the term knows...

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How to Get Clients to Stick to a Timeline

When it comes to web design and freelancing in general, you will have clients who deviate from the project’s schedule. Unfortunately, even a small deviation can lead to major project delays if it’s left inactive long enough.

Where does that leave...

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Why Your Proposals Aren't Leading to Deals

It can be frustrating to send out proposals to clients only to be ignored. You spent hours researching and crafting a perfect pitch. Your spelling was impeccable, your graphics were original and unique. You even went so far as to make your proposal...

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