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SWOT Analysis: Turn 4 letters into business growth

SWOT analysis began as a way to analyse internal and external factors that can directly or indirectly affect businesses. Internally, it looks at Strengths and Weaknesses; externally at Opportunities and Threats. Do you know what your current strengths...

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The power of focus in your freelance business

As freelancers, it can be increasingly difficult to sit down and focus on the ever-growing to do lists. Especially with the constant connectedness of today. Social media, email, and the latest iDevice can easily grab your attention from your current...

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15 books every successful freelancer should read

If you’re anything like me then you probably devour educational material. There are an abundance of resources out there for freelancers, but sometimes nothing beats getting away from the desk and sitting down with a good book.

So whether you’re a...

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Two awesome tips to win more sales proposals

There are so many elements that go into writing a successful sales proposal. You need to understand your client’s problem. You need to offer a solution that shows you understand their problem. You need to price your proposal in such a way that your...

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Why your business needs a mastermind group in 2015

When was the last time you got pumped about your business? I mean so excited you thought you were going to explode.

If it’s been a while, or if you’ve never experienced this sense of business euphoria, now might be the time to start a Mastermind Group...

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Why your freelance business needs a business coach

One of the great things about being an independent freelancer is well… the independence. You make our own decisions and follow your own path. Sometimes though it's easy to get lost along the way.

Working with a business coach can seem like a big deal...

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90 tools and services to rock your freelance business

Running a freelance business can be challenging. At any one time you're pulled in a hundred different directions. So how do you stay sane? How do you keep things in order? Well structured work flows and a reliable set of freelance tools will help you...

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The Ultimate Guide to Proposals

If you've ever struggled with proposals then you know the pain. The Ultimate Guide to Proposals is here to help you win more proposals, more consistently. Here you can find the complete collection of posts that make up The Ultimate Guide to Proposals...

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